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XP system failures are all caused by the 'firewall'



When we use the system sometimes some inexplicable failures may appear. These failures may be caused by the firewall in Windows. Let's take a look at the failures caused by the firewall.

1. When installing programs

Many programs require the firewall to be turned off during installation (such as WPS Office 2003). Although some programs are not directly explicitly stated if they are not closed in time the installation may fail such as 'read error' 'installation *.exe error' and other messages pop up or simply freeze or cannot be used normally after installation . The author has been repeatedly verified when installing Kingsoft Office XP and other programs.

2. When defragmenting

When defragmenting a disk in Windows XP the screen saver no longer interferes with the normal defragmentation as in Windows 98 (every time You have to start again) but the virus firewall is still interfering especially the Kingsoft Internet Security firewall which will make defragmentation impossible. Repeated disk icons will continue to appear in the defragmentation list and it will not take long for a prompt to pop up: Disk fragmentation cannot be defragmented so-and-so error. At this time try to turn off the firewall and see if it is normal.

Tip: There is no such phenomenon when running the defragmentation program under the command prompt.

3. System Restore

System Restore in Windows XP is almost a panacea for regret but you may encounter the following situation: When creating a new When the system restore point the system prompts: unable to complete the creation of the new restore point please restart the computer and run the system restore again. However even after restarting the creation of a new restore point cannot be completed. In fact the culprit is still the virus firewall as long as it is turned off it will return to normal.

The virus firewall also affects the process of restoring the system to a certain time in the past. The performance is that the system does not respond after clicking the 'OK' button. The most frightening thing is that even if the system restore is barely completed some programs are Can not be used normally (such as Kingsoft Haze).

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