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Xp system cannot be shut down and how to resolve the fault



In many cases users will encounter when pressing the shutdown button to shut down the computer does not listen to the command and cannot shut down. If this happens the system settings are not set. Appropriate if it is caused by a wrong setting. Just like the win7 flagship version such a fault problem is not a big problem for the xp system let's see how easy it is for xp.

  1. Click the Start button and select Control Panel.

  2. In the control panel interface turn on the power option.

  3. Switch to the Advanced tab and set it to shut down when the computer power is pressed.

4. Confirm press the power button to see if the fault has been repaired.

In fact there are many situations where the computer cannot be shut down and there are many reasons why the computer cannot be shut down. In the final analysis the problem lies in the power supply. As long as the users set the power options correctly I believe that the problem of unable to shut down will come to you. Saying that is no longer a problem if you also encounter the same problem then get started.

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