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XP streaking day vulnerability exposure 360 ??exclusive hot patch fix



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In the early morning of May 14 Beijing time Microsoft While Win7 Win8 and other systems were patched multiple XP vulnerabilities were also exposed in batches and half of the eight patches affected XP users. Since Microsoft has stopped its service support for WindowsXP 360 Security Guard urgently provides hot patches to defend against XP system vulnerabilities. 360 has also become the first domestic security vendor to provide hot patches for XP after Microsoft stopped serving.

The system has loopholes just like doors and windows of houses Without the lock thieves can come and go freely. Now XP is a 'dangerous house' that has been in disrepair for a long time and there are still about 300 million computers in China using XP. After Microsoft ceased service support security vendors have become the only security barrier for XP users.

The hot patch is a security software for vulnerabilities Protective measures it does not need to modify the operating system files but to protect the vulnerable components which can completely shield the vulnerabilities and quickly deploy. In response to XP's newly exposed Windows system component privilege escalation vulnerability (MS14-027) 360 Security Guard immediately launched a hot patch to provide double insurance on the basis of the 'XP Shield Armor' system reinforcement protection.

According to 360 official introduction 'XP shield 'A' has four major engines: system reinforcement application reinforcement isolation protection and patching hot patch. 360 provides hot patches for XP which is the quick response measure of patching engine. For other vulnerabilities exposed by XP this time 360 'XP Shield Armor' has also achieved full defense.

The first patch day after XP is discontinued is also the official 'streaking day' of XP. 360 has joined hands with Microsoft to provide XP users with continuous transitional security protection services. 360 is the only one so far Selected as the domestic security software recommended by Microsoft's official website to protect the XP system. Prior to this 360 has also launched the 'XP Lifetime Extended Warranty Plan' through the security guard 'XP Shield Armor' product safety protection free insurance free manual services and other measures to fully protect the computer security of XP users.

On AV-C AV-TEST In the security evaluation of XP protection software by the four major international authoritative organizations COSEINC PCSL 360 'XP Shield Armor' all ranked first and the protection capability of XP system is overall ahead of other participating software. It is based on the excellent security protection effect and service experience of 360 products that 360 has become the only domestic security software officially recommended by Microsoft so far.?Windows 7 trial report from the perspective of XP

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