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XP shutdown was first exposed to 0Day vulnerabilities Rising personal and corporate users may have



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On April 27 Beijing time Microsoft reported in the latest security notice A remote code execution vulnerability in Internet Explorer (CVE-2014-1776) has been reported. Rising security experts said that the XP system will also be affected by this 0Day vulnerability. Hackers can attack users through webpages execute remote commands on the user's computer and finally obtain all the permissions of the currently logged-in account on the computer. Once the computer is attacked users will face the risk of complete theft of hard disk files data tampering and deletion online banking account passwords and privacy information leakage. Currently products such as Rising Antivirus V16+ Rising Antivirus Online and Rising ESM can defend and intercept this vulnerability. Users only need to enable the XP system umbrella or VPatch function of the above software to stay away from security threats.

Rising personal and enterprise-level products have the ability to prevent CVE-2014-1776 vulnerabilities

According to the report issued by Rising Internet Attack and Defense Lab all versions of IE browser (IE6/IE7/IE8/IE9/IE10/IE11) are affected by this vulnerability. There is a use-after-free vulnerability in IE browser. Through this vulnerability hackers can use Adobe Flash to bypass the two vulnerability protection mechanisms of Windows system DEP and ASLR and execute code remotely on the user's computer by hanging a horse. And then obtain all the permissions of the currently logged-in account of the system. Because a large number of domestic Windows users lack security awareness and use high-privileged accounts for daily operations once they are attacked by hackers almost all attacked computers will experience serious sensitive information leakage hard disk data deletion and game online banking account theft. risk. Rising security experts pointed out that because Microsoft has stopped the XP system security update service on April 8th it has given hackers an opportunity. A large-scale malicious attack against the XP system is likely to break out in the near future.

Introduction from Rising Security Experts At present many major security products such as Rising Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition have included the system vulnerability hot patch function of the XP system and have the ability to defend against the known and unknown vulnerabilities of the XP system. The latest version of the Rising product is already effective Defend this vulnerability. The Rising vulnerability attack defense system is a vulnerability behavior defense system with the Rising XP system umbrella and VPatch hot patch as the core technology. The solution uses Rising unknown vulnerability security prevention technology to effectively defend against the use-after-free vulnerabilities. Intrusion method by pre-locking the intrusion memory address to eliminate the possibility of vulnerability intrusion and exploitation. In addition Rising also has dynamic Shellcode detection technology which can detect attacks in the form of shellcode and ret2lib effectively preventing hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities to execute code. Therefore all Rising personal and enterprise-level users can have the ability to prevent this vulnerability attack without upgrading.

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?Vulnerabilities exposed for the first time after XP stopped service domestic software vendors urgently patched holes in XP

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