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XP retirement security does not close: Microsoft invites Tencent to 'guard drivi



ng' 360 is abandoned The news is that Microsoft's Windows XP which has been in service for 13 years will officially retire on April 8. The issue of who will protect the subsequent security of the XP system has aroused widespread concern and discussion in the industry. On the evening of March 2 Microsoft China issued a statement stabilizing people’s minds stating that computers with XP installed can still be used after April 8 because Microsoft China has taken special actions to cooperate with leading domestic Internet security and anti-viruses including Tencent. Manufacturers work closely to continue to provide unique security protection.

It is reported that Tencent Computer Manager has launched the 'Strate the Fence Project.' The plan will provide a complete set of security protection solutions for domestic XP system users.

In addition careful netizens also found that Qihoo 360 is not among the security partners announced by Microsoft. In fact after Microsoft announced that XP would retire Qihoo 360 had a high-profile announcement that it would continue to provide security protection but netizens did not appreciate it. A vivid case is that on February 17 the Internet celebrity 'Muzimei' (Weibo ID: no V) also posted a Weibo saying that her XP system did not know how to protect it. In this regard 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi took the opportunity to suggest that Mu Zimei use 360 ??security software but Mu Zimei did not appreciate it and directly stated that '360 products take up too much memory and have been uninstalled.'

Before this some netizens broke the news saying that 360 had repeatedly pretended to be Microsoft patches and forced users to bundle 360 ??products. Microsoft officials have also advised users to carefully install the so-called 'security' patches of 360.

Data shows that the XP market share globally accounts for about 25% while the proportion in my country is even higher. How to protect the security of Chinese users' XP systems has become a major task for major security vendors. 'This time Microsoft chose Tencent mainly based on the comprehensive considerations of Tencent's brand trustworthiness capital and technical strength.' Some insiders said.

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