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16 Super Tips for Windows XP



 1. Reinstalling Windows XP does not require reactivation
If you need to reinstall Windows XP you usually have to reactivate it. In fact as long as the Wpa.dbl file in the Windows\\System32 directory is backed up during the first activation there is no need for activation. After reinstalling Windows XP you only need to copy the file to the above directory.
  2. How to know whether your Windows XP has been activated
  Open Start \u0026rarr; Run enter: oobe/msoobe /a in the pop-up dialog box and press Enter the system will pop up a window to tell you whether the system is Has been activated.
  3. Turn off the zip folder function
Do you think the zip folder function in Windows XP is too slow and unattractive? If so you can open Start \u0026rarr; Run enter: regsvr32 /u zipfldr.dll in the pop-up dialog box and press Enter to close the ZIP folder function.
  4. Let Windows XP also burn ISO files
Windows XP does not provide the function of burning ISO files directly but you can download a third-party plug-in to add this function to the system. The download address of the plug-in is: ://
  5. The background of the login interface changes color
Open the registry editor find [HKEY-USERS\\.DEFAULT\\Control Panel\\Colors] and change the value of Background to '0 0 0' (no With quotation marks) so the login background becomes black.
  6. Completely uninstall XP
Some friends find that they don’t like this operating system after installing Windows XP. At this time you can use the Windows 98 installation CD to boot to DOS and type:
format -ur
This can delete all XP files and reinstall Windows 98/Me.

  7. There is a straw to help the system
When you suspect that the changes made to the computer before the system restarts may cause a malfunction you can press the F8 key when you start the system and select the 'last correct configuration' \u0026rdquo; to revert changes made to the system.
  8. Restore the previous drivers of the hardware
After installing a new hardware driver if the system is found to be unstable or the hardware cannot work just select the\u0026ldquo;driver in the 'Device Manager' Program recovery\u0026rdquo; button you can restore to the previous normal system state. But the printer driver cannot be restored.
  9. Automatic login
Click Start \u0026rarr; Run enter \u0026ldquo;rundll32netplwiz.dll UsersRunDll\u0026rdquo; (without the quotation marks) and then cancel in User Accounts \u0026ldquo;Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer\u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;OK\u0026rdquo; then enter the user name and password you want to log in in the pop-up dialog box.
  10. Shortcut keys for quick shutdown or restart (timing)
Right-click on the desktop select New (shortcut enter the location in the pop-up wizard: C:\\WINDOWS\\system32\\shutdown .exe -s -t 10 (where -s can be changed to -r which means restarting and -t 10 means a delay of 10 seconds you can change this number according to your needs). After making this shortcut Specify an icon for it according to the above method. This quick shutdown or restart technique will display a pretty dialog box prompting shutdown (restart) and you can add '-c \u0026quot; I want to shutdown!' ;\u0026rdquo; this sentence will be displayed in the dialog box of course you can write the text at will but please note that it cannot exceed 127 characters.

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