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Zipexception java appear abnormal solutions



  Zipexception java appear abnormal solutions

  1 exception description

  After the detection of the project from SVN and configuration is complete, start the Tomcat server, reported the following error:


  2 Abnormal

  Abnormality information is marked by observing the figure, we can know error in opening zip file

  This exception is: open the zip file abnormal.

  In fact, we observe the top row of the error messages that warn of part time, for this reason it can be found to cause abnormal findings may be very Tomcat installation is located in the file directory lib folder._tomcat-util.jar!File read failed or read error.

  3 Solution

  Used in the project Tomcat as bloggers copied from the Mac directly to a Windows computer, I do not know whether a Mac computer will automatically generate some only of its own capable of identifying documents at the time of operation of the project, resulting in after transplant , read failure.But in fact, delete the blogger.After XXX hidden files, this exception does solve it!

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