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Zend Debugger to debug php server installation guide



  In fact, Zend Studio (I later referred to as "ZDE" a) debugging functions are divided into internal and remote debugging.ZDE internal debugging with built-in PHP (there are two versions 4,5) code of the initial commissioning, we focus on remote debugging, because it can fully simulate a real operating environment.

  Component supports remote debugging server-side needs, our content today is how to install the server-side debugging environment, debugging components used is Zend Debugger, it is lightweight and enough, at the time of this writing, the latest version is 5.2.14, and widely circulated on the network 5.2.10 slightly updated version.My server is apache under windows, so I downloaded the windows version of Zend Debugger, down about 2 archive.1M, there is a readme.TXT, I feel the need to see Kazakhstan son:

  Zend Debugger installation instructions


  1. Locate or ZendDebugger.dll file that is compiled for the correct version of PHP (4.3.x, 4.4.x, 5.0.x, 5.1.x, 5.2.x) in the appropriate directory.

  2. Add the following line to the php.ini file:

  Linux and Mac OS X: zend_extension = / full / path / to /

  Windows: zend_extension_ts = / full / path / to / ZendDebugger.dll

  Windows non-tread safe: zend_extension = / full / path / to / ZendDebugger.dll

  (*) The windows non-thread safe is used only with Zend Core 2.0

  3. Add the following lines to the php.ini file:

  zend_debugger.allow_hosts =

  zend_debugger.expose_remotely = always

  4. Place dummy.php file in the document root directory.

  5. Restart web server.

  There has been talk about a very detailed installation method, then I will take my obscure language and then describe it again

  The following is a list of all the files in the package:

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ md5

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ Inventory.xml

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 4_3_x_comp

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 4_3_x_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 4_4_x_comp

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 4_4_x_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_0_x_comp

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_0_x_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_1_x_comp

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_1_x_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_2_x_comp

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_2_x_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_2_x_nts_comp

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ 5_2_x_nts_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ dummy.php

  ZendDebugger-5.2.14RC9-cygwin_nt-i386 \ README.txt

  Extract the appropriate version is Zend Debugger and your current version of the corresponding php, php my version 5.2.5, so I put 5_2_x_comp to drag out (As 5_2_x_nts_comp refers to the non-tread safe, do not understand the specific use, and not abused), I will 5_2_x_comp \ ZendDebugger.dll move to D: \ myserver \ ZendDebugger \ 5_2_x \ ZendDebugger.dll, the compressed package dummy.php extract to the web root directory, I have here the apache DocumentRoot set in D: / myserver, then copy dummy.php to D: \ myserver \ wwwroot, and then modify the php.ini, joined in:

  zend_extension_ts = D: / myserver / ZendDebugger / 5_2_x / ZendDebugger.dll

  zend_debugger.allow_hosts = / 32,

  zend_debugger.expose_remotely = always

  Then restart apache, after a little wait, we enter phpinfo () to see success?


  Aha, running a good thing -

  The following open ZDE, Tools menu -> Preferences, select Debug tab, set the debug mode for the server, Debug Server URL fill in the URL web server, I am here apache port is 8080, if the default port 80, can be omitted, the OK, setting is completed, it is determined (FIG)


  Select Tools -> Check Debug Server connection option is out of the box, we see the tips of a successful connection


  So far, the Debug Server even if we successfully completed the installation, on how to use Zend Studio to debug the server, will be described in detail later in the tutorial, so stay tuned oh.

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