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Zend appear under IIS Unable to view file mapping solution to the problem of summary



  There zend error log: Unable to view file mapping, Attempt to access invalid address.Internet search solution has

  Solutions are as follows:

  Compare two versions of php php.ini file.

  ; Extension = php_yaz.dll

  ; Extension = php_zip.The two dll check whether there is a new version.While recognizing extension = php_zip.dll

  Foregoing; and removing the stored restart iis done another way of saying mysql

  eAccelerator v0.9.4-rc1, this php accelerate plug-in, put this on it masked other areas:

  1.Check under c: \ windows \ temp \ directory if there iis user groups and access rights NETWORK_SERVICE

  2.Whether zend installation directory NETWORK_SERVICE iis user groups and access permissions, write permissions.

  3.Junk Files \ WINDOWS \ temp \ under: Delete c.

  4.php.ini file settings upload_tmp_dir = "c: \ windows \ temp" (note the space on either side of =)

  5.I could not find there is a ZendOptimizer.MemoryBase @ SYSTEM file it, the same way as above, in the c: \ WINDOWS \ temp \ build an empty file, the file name ZendOptimizer.MemoryBase @ SYSTEM to

  ================================================== ================================

  Zend Optimizer a mistake to view the "Event Viewer" appeared, and this error is generated after each time you start the server:

  Event Type: Error

  Event Source: Zend Optimizer

  Event Category: None

  Event ID: 487

  Date: 2008-2-28

  Event: 9:22:15

  User: N / A

  Computer: XXX


  Description Event ID (487) can not be found (in the resource (Zend Optimizer) in).The local computer may not have the necessary registry information or message DLL files to display messages from a remote computer.You may be able to use

  / AUXSOURCE = flag to retrieve this description; see Help and Support for details.The following information is part of the event: Unable to view file mapping, Attempt to access invalid address.

  Check out a bit of information online, there is only one version, the specific content can see Resources below.I''m here with their own solutions to sum up:

  First, if you use PHP eAccelerator then it is commented on it, because Zend Optimizer with eAccelerator conflict.In fact, both of which are used to accelerate PHP program, use one of them as long as you can


  If you are not using PHP eAccelerator, then the problem is most authority, and this is rare in Apache + PHP usually are more present in IIS + PHP in this match.This time only need to modify%

  SystemRoot% \ Temp rights, and to allow all EveryOne; and then if there is no file in the directory, then you manually create a new text file and name it


  If you still have problems, then if there is php_yaz you can look at the php ext directory.dll and php_zip.two dll files, which have in php.The ini "extension = ." preceding remove the semicolon.

  ================================================== ==============================

  Two days ago when local debugging PHP program, find VertrigoServ installation, ZendOptimizer not functioning properly, the root directory of C swells became a ZendOptimizer_errors file, the main problem is the following two:

  Copy the code code is as follows: Unable to open base address file: The system can not find the path specified.

  Unable to view file mapping: Overlapped I / O operation is in progress.

  I share the following core issues: such a problem, typically cache directory specified error caused!

  Step process: Right-click My Computer - Properties - Advanced - Environment Variables - the user profile path specified in the TEMP TMP variables for the system in the TEMP and TMP path value: as% SystemRoot% \ TEMP to determine the path or another path , such as D: \ Temp determine this path, restart the computer.

  Php server program running again, do not appear ZendOptimizer_errors C root directory.txt report, there does not appear above the two errors, set a good path directory automatically generated and so these two documents.problem solved!

  May 23, 2009 supplement solution:

  1, modify the C: \ WINDOWS \ Temp \ directory access, the Zend directory can be modified, added the general IIS_WPG and write permissions Network Service is enough.

  2, it is possible in C: find the file specified \ WINDOWS \ temp \ directory, locate the folder to see if the file name and SERVICE, and if not, new ones are created, the file can be empty.

  3, php.ini file settings upload_tmp_dir = "c: \ windows \ temp" (note the space on either side of =).

  4, there is probably not read ZEND directory permissions for the C: \ Program Files \ ZendOptimizer-2.6.2 \ lib \ IIS_WPG directory and add Read permissions on the Network Service (note zend version and installation directory path is not the same front are different)

  Note: The aforementioned "C: \ WINDOWS \ Temp \" not absolutely fooled, the key to php.ini file "upload_tmp_dir" equal to what path.March 25, 2009 added:

  In Windows Server 2003 system NTFS file system, but also to access issues, such as the default installation directory ZendOptimizer is C: \ Program Files \ Zend, Zend we need to add this directory to start reading an IIS IIS_WPG account of run, list directories, read permission.This would solve Unable caused due to permission to view file mapping error.

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