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yum linux common commands summary, the source installation



  First, the software installation


  rpm -ivh zziplib-0.13.62-5.el7.x86_64.rpm // mounting zziplib-0.13.62-5.el7.x86_64.rpm

  rpm -qf `which cd` // view cd package name, where the use of anti quotes, rpm will take the results of the anti-quotation marks command as an argument,

  rpm package format, package name, version number, release number, platform

  rpm -ivh rpm installation package files //

  rpm -Uvh rpm package file // upgrade

  rpm -e package name // Uninstall

  rpm -qa // query installed packages

  rpm -q package name // query specifies whether the package is installed

  rpm -qi package name // query specifies package information

  // rpm -ql package name listed in the installation package

  rpm -qf absolute file path // see if a file which is installed by the package


  yum list // list the available rpm package

  yum search vim // search contains the name of vim package

  yum install [-y] installation package, asks if installed without installation -y, -y will add directly mounted without asking

  ls / etc / yum.repos.d / // Check yum source

  yum list installed // View package already installed

  yum grouplist // lists available groups

  yum groupinstall [-y] // set the installation

  yum remove [-y] // unload a package, including its dependencies

  yum update [-y] // upgrade package

  yum provides "/ * / vim" // find the package containing the vim command

  yum list | grep ''vim'' // will result to run yum list of grep ''vim'' query contains a package name of vim

  Replace the yum source

  In fact, it is to replace the repo file

  cd / etc / yum.repos.d /

  rm -rf CentOS-Base.repo // delete the default source

  wget http: // /.help / CentOS7-Base-163.repo // YORK installation source, if not installed wget command, the next command to the mounting

  curl -O http: // /.help / CentOS7-Base-163.repo

  Install extensions source

  yum install -y epel-release

  Download rpm package through yum

  yum install -y package name --downloadonly // only download the installation package does not install

  ls / var / cache / yum / x86_64 / 7 / // default installation package download path

  yum install -y package name // path specified --downloadonly --downloaddir = yum installation package download path

  yum reinstall -y package name --downloadonly --downloaddir = path software download has been installed // rpm package

  Source Installation

  Source Package try to put up / down usr / local / src / directory

  cd / usr / local / src /

  wget http: // / apache / httpd / httpd-2.2.34.tar.gz

  tar zxvf httpd-2.2.34.tar.gz // unpack

  cd httpd-2.2.34

  https: // / article / configure --prefix = / usr / local / apache2 // compiler specified directory / usr / local / apache2

  make // Compile

  echo $? // If zero then the make mistakes, there is substantially not dependent on the installation, make a successful 0

  make install // installation

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