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XAML has become the new favorite of Win8 developers and Microsoft still sticks to JS



For enthusiasts who have just stepped into Win8 application development how to choose a development language is also a science. Today ZDNet abroad released a copy Regarding the Windows8 application development data report among them the 25 most popular applications in the Win8 Mall have been replaced with XAML controls instead of the WinJS controls that Microsoft is still sticking to.

For Win8 application development Microsoft provides developers with four development languages namely C++/XAML C#/VB.NET/XAML and JavaScript/HTML etc. If the developer uses WinJS controls You can compile Win8 applications using pure JavaScript language.

According to ZDNet if you are new to XAML you need to know XAML which is Microsoft's proprietary local application compilation tool. It was mainly used for the API interface of Silverlight and Windows Phone 7. Later after the release of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 XAML was recompiled again.

As shown in this report the top 25 Win8 applications are mainly compiled based on XAML language. This proportion is as high as 80%. The remaining 12% applications use WinJS and 8% use C++ language.

For example popular applications such as Facebook and Rope Cut are compiled in XAML language while WinJS-compiled applications are mostly developed by Microsoft and many built-in applications in Windows 8.1 are mainly compiled with WinJS Also developed in JS language including Bing News Bing Finance BingMagic Cinema [] travel calendar email Skype Xbox Live and other applications.

So on the whole the most popular compiled language for Win8 application development is XAML especially the later applications optimized for the Win8.1 platform began to use C#/XAML language .

If you are also a Win8 application developer it is time to change to XAML language.

Source of this article: Home of Win8-'XAML has become the new favorite of Win8 developers but Microsoft still sticks to the JS language'

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