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Winodws8 network connection failure troubleshooting and countermeasures



When using the computer we often encounter situations that show that the network connection is restricted or unable to connect. There may be many reasons for the problem. Of course some people use the nirvana to repair the computer 'restart the computer' to solve the problem but this nirvana cannot solve the problem in most environments. Next in conjunction with Microsoft's latest Windows 8 system we will elaborate on the restricted or no connection that we have encountered that affects the use of the network hoping to help friends who encounter such problems.

When using the Win8 system if you encounter a situation where you cannot connect to the Internet or the network is restricted the cause may be various. For example some incorrect settings of the operating system Internet terminal settings such as routers or modems and hardware failures such as network cards and cables. In short when we are using Windows 8 when the network is restricted or unable to connect you may wish to try the following methods first or you will find a solution to the problem you are encountering now.

  1. Check the network cable

Make sure the network cable is ok. I have encountered a friend repairing the computer before saying that it cannot access the Internet. As a result I still couldn't solve it after working for a long time and finally found out that it was because the network cable was not plugged in well or there was a problem with the network cable. In order to avoid this embarrassing phenomenon the first step must be to clarify the situation or else after investigating for a long time it turns out that the network cable was not plugged in. This belongs to 'a wise life and half a mourning'. If there is a big red cross on the network icon in the lower right corner you must first check whether the network cable is plugged in. If the network cable is plugged in and it works normally there will always be yellow lights flashing next to the place where the desktop computer is plugged in and the place where the laptop is plugged in. If the indicator does not flash it means that the network cable is not plugged in well or it has no effect.

  Second reacquire IP address information

When the network cannot be connected the first thing that comes to mind is to check your own IP address information. We can enter ipconfig or (ipconfig /all to view details) under the command line (cmd) to view.

If we obtain the IP address of the normal network segment of our company's network or the IP network segment set by the router at home this is normal. If the IP address information is not in the network segment set with your own environment this is an abnormal situation and you need to reset the IP or obtain the IP address again.

If the following situation occurs or the IP address starts with 169 it means that the network card has not obtained the correct IP address.

If we obtain the Internet IP address through DHCP then we can use the ipconfig /release command to release the existing IP address information and then use ipconfig /renew to obtain it from DHCP Appropriate IP address. This method can solve part of the situation that the correct IP address information DNS etc. are not obtained. Sometimes when the IP address is manually configured in a DHCP environment the connection is restricted or the exclamation mark is displayed on the network icon! The IP address is set to be obtained dynamically.

Ipconfig /release release address information.

  ipconfig /renew to obtain new address information.

  3. Diagnose network connection

To solve network problems there is a good tool in Windows called 'Windows Network Diagnostics' which can help We checked out the cause of some problems. Turn on the network adapter of our computer. If the notebook connects to the network wirelessly it is to turn on our wireless network adapter. At this time you can click 'Diagnostics' at the bottom right to open Windows network diagnosis' to check:

At this time a wizard will pop up for automatic diagnosis. In some cases it will repair it automatically and some problems can be solved with Windows diagnostics.

If you check out related problems you can fix them based on the problems found.

  4. Broadband connection

Many friends are using dial-up to access the Internet and it is clear that the account password has been set correctly. However it is still found that the network connection is restricted. ADSL virtual dial-up Internet access is based on PPPoE which is equivalent to establishing a virtual circuit for dialing between your machine and the ADSL central office. Therefore restricted or no local connections will not affect this virtual circuit. Normal use of the circuit (Of course the virtual circuit runs on the real circuit. Your network card ADSL Modem and the ADSL access equipment at the central office must establish a physical connection before the virtual circuit can work normally but the physical connection is in progress. The local connection does not need to assign the corresponding IP address on the software system). This is the situation where some users find that they have actually dialed the number but still have problems connecting.

At this time you need to ensure that the IP address of your computer and the networked device (router etc.) are in the same network segment.

  The method is to open the \u0026ldquo;Control Panel\u0026rdquo;\u0026mdash;\u0026mdash;\u0026ldquo;Network Connections\u0026rdquo; find the current local connection right-click it select \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo; in \u0026ldquo;General\u0026rdquo; In the tab double-click 'Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)' select 'Use the following IP address' and generally fill in '' in 'IP address' in the 'Subnet' Fill in '' in the mask' and do not fill in the others and then click 'OK' to solve the problem. If the problem is not resolved please note that the IP must be in the same network segment as the IP address of the ADSL Modem. If the current computer joins a workgroup or domain it must be set according to the situation. Sometimes you can remove the option 'Notify me (M) when this connection is restricted or no connection' in the 'Properties' of the 'Local Connection' of the network connection.

  5. Network card driver

Recently I have seen many friends report that when upgrading from Windows7 to Windows8 they found that the network connection is restricted or unable to connect. At this time you need to make sure to upgrade Then the driver of the network card is correct.

  6. Network operator

When we are enjoying the Internet service provided by the operator don’t forget that sometimes when we can’t access the Internet part of the reason will come from the operator. . In the past the dormitory was unable to access the Internet and several people in the dormitory had been investigating. Finally it was discovered that the call to the telecom customer service was in arrears. In some cases the account is bound or something. If you can't access the Internet you might as well call the operator of your choice. It is also very important to remember the various codes that are prompted when you cannot access the Internet or dial up problems such as 651678691 etc. These codes are important basis for our investigation.

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