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Win98 rearranges the order of input methods



In Win98 the display order of input methods is displayed in the order you installed so sometimes you have to switch input methods several times in succession to find what you need Input method. To quickly switch to the desired input method there are two methods. One is to reinstall the input method and install the most commonly used input method first. The second method is to modify by modifying the registry. Below we look at the specific approach.

Click the \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; menu click \u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; in the dialog box enter \u0026ldquo;Regedit.exe\u0026rdquo; to open the registry editor. Open \u0026ldquo;HKEY-LOCAl-MACHINE\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\ Control\\Keyboard Layouts\\\u0026rdquo; in turn here you can find the folders corresponding to various input methods like this: E00E0804 corresponds to 'Microsoft Pinyin input methodE0040804 corresponds to 'smart ABC input method' and so on. First select the order of input methods and then remember their numbers.

  Now open the 'HKEY-USERS\\.DEFAULT\\Keyboard layors\\ Preload\\' in the registry editor one by one where it shows the system installed Input method and order such as: 1 folder is 0000049 input method 2 folder is E00E0804 input method where 1 2 represents the display order you only need to select the folder on the left and on the right In the window on the side sequentially change the numbers of the input methods that it represents. After restarting the computer the input methods will be displayed in the order you set.

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