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Win98 prohibits the registry checker from running automatically



There are two aspects to everything. Although the registry checker improves the security of the system some users think that it affects the system startup speed. It's closed. In order to meet the needs of these users here is also a method to prohibit the registry checker from running automatically:

  1) Start the Windows 98 registry editor

  2) Expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run branches in the registry editor.

3) At this time we will find a key named 'ScanRegistry' in the Run branch its value is 'C:WindowsScanregw.exe /autorun' which is used to control Windows 98 The registry database is automatically checked every time it is started. If the user does not need this function just delete it.

  4) Execute the 'Exit' command of the 'Registry' menu to close the registry editor.

In this way we have achieved the purpose of closing the Windows 98 registry checker. After that it will no longer automatically check which speeds up the system startup speed and meets the needs of users (note close After the automatic check function the kinetic energy of automatically backing up the registry database will also be invalidated at the same time. After that we can only check and backup the system manually).

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