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Win98 dial up Internet disconnection troubleshooting method



For friends who often dial-up Internet access they must have such experience: sometimes they have already dialed the ISP but when verifying the user name and password the connection is dropped. This phenomenon is particularly prominent during the peak period of network usage and sometimes it takes two or three redials to connect. Although this does not affect the use it always feels like a throat. In fact we can solve the problem by setting the system. The following takes the Windows 98 system as an example.
1. Delete redundant protocol
If you use a single computer to access the Internet please delete all protocols except TCP/IP. This will not only increase the speed of computer startup but also increase the success rate of dialing. The method is to enter 'My Computer' → 'Control Panel' → 'Network' select the protocol other than the TCP/IP protocol and click Delete.
Second configure the dial-up connection
The method is to select the dial-up connection used in 'My Computer'→'Dial-up Networking' right-click then select properties and then select the 'Server Type' tab and click In Advanced Options remove the check mark before 'Login to Network' then remove the check mark before 'NetBEUI' and 'IPX/SPX Compatible' in 'Allowed Network Protocols' and click OK to return.
Three modify the registry
The method is to click 'Start' → 'Run' type regedit click 'OK' to open the registry editor (be sure to back up before modifying the registry). Open HKEY-LOCALMACHINE\\System\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\VxD\\MSTCP in turn and find the key named NameSrvQueryTimeout. It is the timeout count of the domain name server. If no response from the domain name server is received within the time of the count value when the domain name server does not receive the request from the machine the request will be resent or processed for timeout errors so increase this value Can increase the success rate of the connection. The default value is 750 milliseconds which is too stingy. It is not enough during the peak period of Internet access. You can increase it to about 5000. The specific situation varies from place to place so you have to try several times by yourself but the maximum should not exceed 65535.

Registry information that needs to be modified
After the above settings dial-up Internet access is a try is it easier? '(End) Computer Basic Tutorial Network?Win98 prohibits the registry checker from running automatically

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