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Win9 makes Wi n8 worse



Analysts said in a statement a few days ago that Windows9 fever will seriously affect the promotion of Windows8 because users are more inclined to wait for Microsoft to release pure and complete Windows instead of upgrading the current new operating system of Win8.

Digital Trends reported that Windows upgrade service company CEO Shawn Allaway said for example Windows XP users do not want to upgrade Win8 prefer to upgrade Win7 or wait patiently for Win9 which is about to be released. New system see what new changes this new system will bring. Shawn Allaway said: \u0026ldquo;Other movies [] users value system stability not trendiness. Once encountered a stable system users usually use it as long as possible. \u0026rdquo;

Win9 is expected to be released in April 2015. After the Microsoft BUILD Developer Conference its related work will start one after another.

Source of this article: Home of Win8-'Win9 Will Seriously Affect the Promotion of Win8'

?Win9 makes Win8 worse

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