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Win8Metro application installation location and size check method



  Under Win8 the newly added Metro application can only be installed on the system disk by default which will cause the system disk to be bloated and in the 'Control Panel'--\u0026ldquo ;Programs and Features\u0026rdquo; cannot see installed programs and their sizes.

  How to check the Metro application size:

  Win+C Open Charm (super button) select \u0026ldquo;Settings\u0026rdquo; select \u0026ldquo;Change computer settings\u0026rdquo; in the lower right corner Select \u0026ldquo;General\u0026rdquo; find \u0026ldquo;View Application Size\u0026rdquo; under \u0026ldquo;Available Storage\u0026rdquo;.

  How to check the Metro application installation location:

  Method 1:

  The Metro application is installed in \u0026ldquo;%systemRoot%\\Program Files\\WindowsApps (hidden file Folder)\u0026rdquo; open the need to add an account to seize permissions.

Right-click on the \u0026ldquo;WindowsApps\u0026rdquo; folder select \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo; select the \u0026ldquo;Security\u0026rdquo; menu click \u0026ldquo;Edit\u0026rdquo;

  Add \u0026ldquo;everyone`\u0026rdquo; account: enter \u0026ldquo;everyone\u0026rdquo; in the input box click \u0026ldquo;check name\u0026rdquo; as shown in the figure underline appears click OK.

  Open the \u0026ldquo;WindowsApps\u0026rdquo; folder.

After is opened the file name is messy. For example the folder name of 'Renren' is:

  \u0026ldquo;359109E9.HD_2.0.1 .22_neutral__cc3c5k7dgdn90\u0026rdquo;

If you need to locate which folder you can open this application first then open the 'Task Manager' find the running program right click' Properties\u0026rdquo;.

  You can see the folder name in the general (under the premise of obtaining permission right-click and select \u0026ldquo;open file location\u0026rdquo; you can also open the location).

  Or you can open \u0026ldquo;Windows PowerShell\u0026rdquo; in \u0026ldquo;All Programs\u0026rdquo; enter \u0026ldquo;Get-AppxPackage\u0026rdquo; you can view the versions of all programs in the Metro interface Information folder location etc.

  Find the name of the program (Name) 'PackageFullName' is the folder where the corresponding program is located. In addition you can see the version of the program.

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