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Win8_ Win8.1 network connection failure analysis and solutions



In daily use if you encounter a situation where you cannot connect to the Internet or the network is restricted the cause may be from various parties All sides.

For example some incorrect settings of the operating system hardware terminal settings of routers or broadband modems and hardware failures of network card network cables.

Therefore this time the editor of IT will sort out Win8/Win8.1 network connection failure analysis and solutions hoping to help readers and friends get rid of the annoyance.


First check the network cable

This is also the most special and embarrassing situation.

It is also very simple to troubleshoot open the control panel select \u0026rdquo;Network and Internet\u0026lsquo; check \u0026ldquo;Wlan\u0026rdquo; or \u0026ldquo;Ether Net\u0026rdquo; whether to connect.

Second get the IP address information again

When the network is still unable to connect after troubleshooting the network cable this is what we need to check the IP of the machine Whether the address is allocated properly.

Under Win8/8.1 use the key combination (Win+X) select the command symbol (administrator status) enter ipconfig and view it.

If the following conditions occur or the IP address starts with 169 it means that the network card has not obtained the correct IP address.

If the user obtains the Internet IP address through DHCPLAN you can use the ipconfig /release command to release the existing IP address information ipconfig /renew Obtain a suitable IP address from DHCP.

Three. Diagnose network connection

Under Win8/Win8.1 system you can use 'Windows network diagnosis' to check the cause of some problems.

Open the control panel select \u0026rdquo;Network and Internet\u0026lsquo; view the properties of \u0026ldquo;Wlan\u0026rdquo; or \u0026ldquo;Ethernet\u0026rdquo; click \u0026ldquo;Diagnose\u0026rdquo; enter \u0026rdquo;Windows network diagnosis\u0026ldquo; to proceed Check

If you check out related problems you can fix them based on the problems found.

Four. php?/%CD%F8%BF%A8%C7%FD%B6%AF/' target='_blank'> The network card driver is too new or too old

This requires readers and friends from the hot film network [ special/repianwang/] line investigation the driver is generally issued by the hardware manufacturer and the network card driver certified by Microsoft.

V. Network operator issues

When we enjoy the operator’s offer For the Internet service don’t forget that sometimes when you can’t access the Internet part of the reason will be the operator.

If it is found to be an operation For example when you can access QQ and the webpage cannot be opened you can try to switch DNS to see if it can be resolved. Softmedia recommends Rubik’s Cube DNS Assistant (click here to download the latest version) p>?How to use win8.1's own decompression tool

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