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Win8.1 Upgrade Guide: Local Upgrade



Now the official version of win8.1 has been officially released. I believe there are many friends who want to upgrade to win8.1 to experience the difference in the new system. Regarding the upgrade There are many ways to win8.1 the editor grid of will introduce to you how to upgrade the win8.1 system locally without using CD-ROM and U disk.

1. First of all we must first go to the official website of Microsoft to download the win8.1 system image to the computer. When downloading pay attention to selecting the version of the system. The editor here uses an x64-bit system.

Local upgrade of win8.1 upgrade guide

2. Download the virtual CD-ROM drive I suggest you use the virtual CD-ROM drive of Rubik’s Cube which is small and convenient to use. After installation you can use the virtual CD-ROM drive Open the win8.1 mirror here.

Win8.1 upgrade guide: local upgrade

3. Turn on the computer select the loaded win8.1 CD-ROM image and directly double-click the system to start the installation.

Local upgrade of win8.1 upgrade guide

4. At this time it is easy just choose the next step. When you need to install the key we can search online and add it Windows8 .1 The universal official free activation code: NTTX3-RV7VB-T7X7F-WQYYY-9Y92F.

Local upgrade of win8.1 upgrade strategy

5. The rest is just the next step. When choosing to keep the content you can choose according to your needs.

The local upgrade of win8.1 upgrade strategy

6. Then we can wait for win8.1 to install. After the upgrade is completed a window.old folder will be generated on the C drive which is very occupied The disk space even about 20G cannot be deleted directly. We can directly choose Disk Cleanup to delete it easily. I don't tell me this so try it out.

Local upgrade of win8.1 upgrade guide

?Tips to teach you to retrieve the native Win8/Win8.1 'self-contained' start menu

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