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Win8.1 Update1 update method



According to the latest news Win8.1 is about to usher in an Update 1 update. Simply put this is equivalent to an enhanced version of SP including previous releases. All the update patches of will also add some new features such as a new start menu personally think it is more worth looking forward to. The following editor of will share with you how to update Win8.1 Update1 as follows.

Win8.1 Update1 update method

Win8.1 Update 1 will be a free update applicable to WinRT 8.1 system and will be provided to existing users through Windows Update. Turn on the automatic update and wait. To open the Win8.1 automatic update method please refer to the tutorial: How to turn off the automatic update in win8.1 (the reverse operation is sufficient).

Win8.1 released Update 1 through the official store. Although it can be searched and downloaded it is not as convenient as automatic update. Wind8.1 Update 1 is expected to be finalized in March and fully pushed out in April. You may wish to turn on the automatic update in advance and wait for the completion.

?Win8.1 Update new tile management right-click menu as media

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