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Win8.1 Up date brand new tile management right click menu as media Computer Knowledge



What are the new changes in Win8.1 2014 Update? In addition to allowing the Metro application to be locked on the taskbar the PowerShutdown key and the search box are added in the upper right corner of the start screen the Win8.1 2014 Update spring update also brings more Convenient tile management.

As we have seen the new changes Windows 8.1 2014 Update is working on the integration of traditional desktop and Metro interface trying to make PC users no longer reject the Metro interface that features touch features.

In WinHare Cinema []8.1 Update spring update right-click the tile will have the traditional desktop Experience pop up the right-click menu directly instead of popping up the AppBar at the bottom of the start screen after right-clicking the tile in Win8.1 or Win8. This improvement will please traditional keyboard and mouse users more and the right-click experience on this traditional desktop is almost the same.

▲The right-click menu of the Windows Store application: Unpin from the start screen lock to the taskbar uninstall resize (large wide medium Small) close the live tile.

▲Traditional php?/%D7%C0%C3%E6%B9%A4%BE%DF%C8%ED' target=' _blank'>Desktop software’s mail menu on the start screen is: unpin from the start screen unpin the program from the taskbar (or: pin the program to the taskbar) uninstall open new Window run as an administrator open the file location adjust the size.

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