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Win8.1 Tips: Easily Set Up VPN Connection



Win8.1 has also been on the market for almost a month which brings many improved interfaces and operation methods but it also brings a lot of trouble to users. The commonly used VPN setting function always prompts connection errors. The following editor will briefly guide you to set up the VPN connection under the Windows 8.1 platform.


VPN account such as IP:; Username: vpn123; Password: 239979

Test environment: Win8.1 32-bit Or 64-bit system

Operation steps:

1. Enter the network and Internet in the control panel select the network and Sharing Center

2 set up a new connection or network choose to connect to the work area

3 choose to use my Internet connection (VPN) function

4. Fill in the VPN remote IP address prepared by the user and create a new VPN connection

< p>5. Wait for the new VPN to be successfully created

6. Set up this VPN connection right-click on properties and select the security page.

7. In the VPN type select\u0026rdquo; Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (php?/PowerPoint/' target='_blank'> PPTP)\u0026rdquo; and select \u0026ldquo;allow the use of these protocols\u0026rdquo; function and finally confirm to take effect.

8 enter the user name and password and finally connect VPN.

?Win8.1 LAN opens the IE browser for a long time to display the solution-Computer Knowledge Network

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