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Win8.1 Tips: Easily play with the built in SkyDrive network disk function



Last month Microsoft released the latest Win8.1 system to the world and it also has a variety of built-in Modern applications The functions are more detailed and integrated. One of them is the SkyDrive application. It can be said that this network disk has been highly integrated with the Win8.1 system and can be operated locally or in the cloud.

SkyDrive is a free cloud storage attached to a Microsoft account. The capacity ranges from 7G to 25G. Expansion requires coupons or payment. Due to the integration with the Win8.1 system it can be regarded as an additional hard disk drive so the files saved by the user in the network disk are always synchronized and bound with the user's Microsoft account.

The following will introduce the practical operation skills of SkyDrive network disk application:

Example 1. Use SkyDrive application to copy files or data to SkyDrive network disk


1. Enter the \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo; screen tap or click SkyDrive to open the SkyDrive application

2 tap the folder and browse to the new file The upload storage path (for example 'Travel Plan' folder)

3. Right-click on the blank interface open the application's extended command and select 'Add file' .

4. Browse to the files you want to upload select these files and then select 'Copy to SkyDrive' to complete the operation

Example 2: Use the Explorer in the traditional desktop to move the files to the SkyDrive network disk

Open this computer select the SkyDrive folder on the left similar to the movement of ordinary files or folders Operation after moving the files add them to the storage path corresponding to the SkyDrive network disk.

Example three save files to SkyDrive in traditional desktop mode

Use Office 2013 suite or WordPad that comes with the system draw pictures etc. In the desktop application you can directly save the file in the SkyDrive folder and then store it in the cloud.

Example four settings are automatically saved to SkyDrive mode

(Point the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of the screen click \u0026ldquo; Settings\u0026rdquo; then click\u0026ldquo;Change computer settings\u0026rdquo; select SkyDrive option set up.)

Usually stored are documents pictures videos or other Format

For documents tap or click SkyDrive and then enable \u0026ldquo; to save documents to SkyDrive by default.

For photos click or click on \u0026ldquo;local photos\u0026rdquo; and then select \u0026ldquo;upload high-quality photos\u0026rdquo; or for higher resolution copies select \u0026ldquo;upload highest-quality photos \u0026rdquo;.

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