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Win8.1 system notes what is going on with this computer still consuming power af



ter shutting down>

Analysis of the cause of the failure:

After checking I found that the notebook was closed every time I clicked the shutdown button. Because the lid is closed before the system shuts down the system will not shut down normally so it consumes a portion of the power.


  1 press the \u0026ldquo;Win+X\u0026rdquo; key combination system shortcut menu click on \u0026ldquo;Control Panel\u0026rdquo;;


  2. Modify the viewing mode of the control panel to 'Large icon' and click on the 'Power option' below.

< p>  3. Remove the check mark in front of 'Enable Fast Startup (recommended)' under Shutdown Settings and click Save to modify. If the option cannot be unchecked and is grayed out we can click on the top 'change settings that are currently unavailable'.

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?How does the power consumption of the laptop in the win8.1 system turn on again after shutting down?

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