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Win8.1 system camera permission acquisition method



Now everyone is following the trend and has installed the Win8.1 system to experience and feel it. Many people will find that when they want to shoot something the system camera cannot shoot and requires the corresponding permission to be able to use it! So how can we get the permission to shoot? How to make the camera back to normal How to use it? The following editor will discuss the solution with you!

  The specific steps for the normal use of the Win8 system camera:

  1. Call it up in the camera application interface Super button select \u0026ldquo;Settings\u0026rdquo;;

  2. In the\u0026ldquo;Settings\u0026rdquo; menu select\u0026ldquo;Permissions\u0026rdquo;;

  3. In the\u0026ldquo;Permissions\u0026rdquo; menu Click to turn on \u0026ldquo;camera and microphone\u0026rdquo; and the option is \u0026ldquo;on\u0026rdquo;;

  4. Close the camera application and then reopen the application the camera can shoot.

  The method for normal use of the Win8.1 system camera can be solved in only 4 steps so that users can use the system camera to take pictures conveniently and quickly. Those friends who have the same problems and confusions can follow the operation carefully which can increase knowledge and solve problems.

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