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Win8.1 store background upgrade: increase release time simplify certification



Win8 application development bulletin this week Microsoft upgraded the Win8/Win8.1 store background and launched several improvements for Win8 application developers Which adds a new function to set application release time and the rest includes application reliability management and further simplify certification requirements.

Originally when a developer submits an app/game to the Microsoft Store the app/game can be put on the store after the Microsoft Store review is completed. From review to release almost at the same time It works and for developers there is no way to choose a date to release an application or game.

Now developers can set the application release time specific to the date hour and time zone. In addition after the application has completed the review and certification the developer can also change the release time by himself without going through a new round of certification.

Developers can also remove their apps/games from the store for a period of time for example if they need to fix a bug or improve their functions. At this time you only need to select the 'Remove this application' function on the application details page of the store dashboard.

When the application is removed just select \u0026ldquo;Restore the application in the list\u0026rdquo; to restore it. When the app is removed new users will not be able to download it from the store and old users can continue to use the app/game but the in-app purchase function will be invalid.

In addition to the above functions the new backend also adds a function that only removes the Windows8 application list allowing developers who have already launched Windows 8.1 applications to stop checking the previous Win8 Platform support.

When the developer enables this feature only new users running Win8.1 can download it. In addition for the old Win8 users who have installed the application the in-app purchase function will not be available.

The last item Microsoft’s application certification process for the Win8.1 store is further simplified and for developers the success rate of application review is further improved.

Source of this article: Home of Win8-'Win8.1 Store Background Upgrade: Increased Release Time/Simplified Certification'

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