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ASUS a40jc installs windows8 64 bit system after installing the graphics card dr



iver and cannot restart The configuration is very troublesome at that time and the project purpose will be used every other time so there has been no reinstallation. I recently bought a solid state drive and bought a second-hand memory from a friend (2 pieces of 4g he bought 2 pieces of 8g). Decided to install 64-bit windows 8 to play. As a result there are problems with it several times. Mainly after installing the system install nvidia's graphics card driver. After installing the driver and restarting you cannot enter the system. Later I found that after installing win8 if you shut down and restart it there is no problem as long as you directly restart the system you can't enter the system. I was depressed for a long time and installed a 64-bit win7 which is the same problem.

Later a colleague told me that I need to start UEFI BOOT in the bios. This item should be enabled by default but my notebook did not start. Today I started UEFI and the installation was successful and I restarted without any problems.

UEFI the full name of \u0026ldquo;Unified Extensible Firmware Interface\u0026rdquo; (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is a standard that describes in detail a new type of interface. This interface is used for the operating system to automatically load from the pre-boot operating environment to an operating system thereby simplifying the startup procedure and saving time. UEFI will provide a clear interface specification between the operating system and the software platform fixed in the hardware at boot time. In addition it will also support a device independent of the computer architecture for initializing the plug-in card.

UEFI Boot function which allows you to install the system to the GPT partition:

1. Windows 95/98/ME Windows NT 4 Windows 2000 Windows XP 32 The bit version does not support GPT partitions only GPT protected partitions can be viewed GPT will not be loaded or exposed to application software;

2. Windows XP x64 version can only use GPT disks for data operations only Windows systems based on Itanium processors can boot from GPT partitions;

3. Windows Server 2003 32bit Server Pack 1 and all versions of Windows 2003 can use GPT partition disks for data operations Only Itanium-based Windows systems can boot from GPT partitions;

4. All versions of Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 can use GPT partition disks for data operations; but Only systems based on EFI motherboards support booting from GPT.?ASUS B250M-PLUS and B250M-A which is better? B250M-PLUS vs. B250M-A

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