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Another way to add or delete devices in windows8



In Windows 7 and the earlier Windows XP operating systems adding or deleting hardware devices is achieved through the 'Device Manager' and Windows 8 additionally provides a new way to add or remove various devices.

  Open \u0026ldquo;Computer Settings\u0026rdquo;

  In fact Windows 8’s “Device Manager” is still retained. Older users can still use the “Control Panel” ; Find it in; and Xixin users now want to use the latest 'Computer Settings' interface of Windows 8.

Move the mouse arrow to the top or bottom of the rightmost side of the screen. This is a transparent menu that slides out on the right side of the screen. Click the settings icon at the bottom. In the pop-up settings interface click the 'Change computer settings' option at the bottom. This will enter the computer settings interface. Then click the device option in the left menu and you can see a list of various hardware devices currently connected to the computer on the right (Figure 1).

  Add and install a new device

Usually when a user connects a new device to the computer Windows 8 will automatically detect and install it if Windows 8 The corresponding driver is not found and the user can download and install it from the website of its manufacturer. However there are some exceptions. When a new device is installed on the computer Windows 8 cannot automatically detect it such as a wireless network printer. At this time the user needs to install the device manually.

First make sure that the device is connected to the computer and turned on click on the 'Add a device' option at the top of the device list Windows 8 will automatically search for the device and after a few seconds it will be displayed The discovered device is out. Then click on the device to be installed to enter the driver installation process. This process time depends on the size of the data in the driver. When the progress bar is finished the device is installed.

Tips: In this device list you will not see all hardware devices such as boards hard drives optical drives etc. but displays printers scanners keyboards mice and mobile phones. These external devices such as flash memory can even display Xbox360 game consoles connected to the computer.

  Delete installed devices

In the hardware device list when you click on a device with the mouse a minus sign will appear on the right side of the device and then click the minus sign Windows 8Are you sure you want to delete this device? (Figure 2) Click the \u0026ldquo;Delete\u0026rdquo; button. After the process is over the device will no longer be displayed in the device list.


On a computer with Windows 8 installed using the 'Computer Settings' interface adding or removing devices will be very easy carry out. However it also has disadvantages that is the displayed device types and setting options are not as rich as the device manager and they cannot be configured to work. It is said that Microsoft will provide Windows 8 applications later which can help PC settings become more user-friendly.

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