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A detailed tutorial for Windows 8 Microsoft account registration



Today when I was using the Windows 8 operating system I discovered that a new Microsoft email account has been added. The following describes the specific functions of the email account and the difference with the local account in detail.
Operation steps:

1. Microsoft account introduction:

Because Windows 8 uses cloud connection your Micrisoft account is like a portable personal Computer appear on any Windows 8 device you use at any time. After logging in to a computer with Windows 8 installed with a Microsoft account you can link to all the contacts files and settings you follow. You can connect the service of your account to your Microsoft account. The service content includes Hotm photos music etc.

At the same time you can access all your photos documents and other files on the Microsoft Skydr or other services at any time. After logging in to your Microsoft account your personalized settings start screen browser favorites desktop background and settings will take effect immediately. No matter you have adopted the most suitable settings for yourself or frequently change the settings as long as you log in to your Microsoft account even a brand new computer will immediately restore your unique Windows settings. Anyone who shares your computer with you can get a personalized cloud connection experience through their free Microsoft account. The cloud storage of information eliminates the barriers between devices. In other words your apps games music photos files and settings are not stored on one device but on the “cloud”. As long as you log in to any Windows 8 computer you can access the content on your computer from almost anywhere.

In addition to download software in the Windows 8 application store of course you must have a Microsoft account. Windows 8 applications are not allowed to be installed from other places. It is also inseparable from a Microsoft account when using mail contacts messages etc. The counterpart of a Microsoft account is a local account. Since you are a local user your settings on this computer will not be synchronized on multiple computers. If you need to download apps in the app store you only have to log in to your Microsoft account. Therefore it is strongly recommended that you log in with a Microsoft account but please pay attention to protecting your privacy. If someone else uses your computer you can ask him to log in with his Microsoft account or create a temporary local account.

2. Register a Microsoft account

If you already have live. Congratulations to the mailboxes at the end of cn and you can log in and use them directly according to the steps described later. If not you can go to the Microsoft website to register your email and log in or you can use your other email to register a Microsoft account at The registration steps are very simple. Follow the instructions step by step. That's it. Registering for a Microsoft account can also be achieved by 'switching to a Microsoft account'.

1) Click the user profile picture in the upper right corner of the start screen and then click 'Change profile picture'.

2) On the computer settings page click 'Users' on the left and then click 'Switch to Microsoft account'.

3) At the bottom of the add page click 'Registered Email Address'.

4) Follow the guided steps to enter the information to complete the registration.

3. Turn on or off 'Sync your settings'

As mentioned earlier if you log in to the system with a Microsoft account you can synchronize your settings between multiple computers Synchronization is turned on by default. The synchronization function is not available for local accounts.

The personalized settings that can be synchronized under Windows 8:

(1) How to enter personalization:< /p>

The operation method is the same as that of Windows 7. You can right-click the mouse on the desktop and select 'Personalization' from the menu to enter the personalized settings interface. In addition you can also move the mouse to the upper right or lower right corner of the desktop to call out the charm bar and then select the personalized option in the 'Settings' option. This is a unique procedure in Windows 8.

(2) Set wallpaper screensaver sound etc.:

Personalized settings for traditional Windows 8 desktop Like Windows 7 you can directly use the system's own themes and you can also set the wallpaper colors sounds and screensavers separately and you can save customized themes for use at any time.

(3) Set the start screen:

After setting the desktop personalization items you will enter The focus to the personalization of Windows 8 is also the new concept of the 'Start Screen' interface. After entering the 'Start Screen' interface also move the mouse to call out the charm bar select the bottom 'change computer settings' option in the settings the first thing you see is the personalized settings.

Personalization of the 'Start Screen' interface It is divided into three parts namely the lock screen the start screen and the user avatar. The lock screen setting can use the wallpaper that comes with the system or you can add your favorite wallpaper as the lock screen interface. In addition the lock screen interface also supports the display of application messages such as receiving new emails and we can see notifications even under the lock screen interface.

Currently you cannot add a custom background to the start screen but the system provides users with 20 background patterns and 25 color matching schemes. I believe it can fully meet the requirements of users. As for the user avatar I won’t introduce it here just add the selected picture.

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