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A detailed introduction to the Live Tiles service in Windows 8



In Building Windows 8 an article written by Ryan Haveson by Microsoft this time explained to users the internal operating mechanism of Win8 Live Tiles in detail. Microsoft's Windows 8 notification platform is an important part of the new start screen. Real-time data obtained from web servers and applications can be pushed and then cause the Win8 start screen to change dynamically. Ryan Haveson said in the blog that one thing that has attracted attention is that when Windows 8 is used internally the uniformity and high-quality readability of the start screen can enhance the efficiency of online business applications. With the scalability of the new push platform this feature of Windows 8 can achieve minimal impact on the operation of the system. In today's Windows mechanism this is a great improvement.

Windows 8 notifications and real-time tiles have replaced traditional gadgets in Windows 7 and Vista. Microsoft has been working hard to ensure that hundreds of real-time tiles are updated without affecting the performance of the system. The tiles no longer use signs and text but provide real-time information and pictures. Based on the Windows Live Messenger service Microsoft established the Windows Notification Push Service (WNS). The service of the notification platform is built by the same team. Haveson added that few teams in the world have such expertise and knowledge to be able to establish such a huge number of this global expansion service with such a high efficiency.

Microsoft has also added a new task manager system so that users can track the network bandwidth occupied by each application. Under normal circumstances the resource occupation of tiles is relatively low. After Microsoft released the Windows 8 developer preview at the Build conference in September it established a monitoring service. After thousands of users install Windows 8 they can see a huge number of notifications spreading rapidly around the world.

In Windows 8 the notification platform designed by Microsoft will not affect performance and battery life while providing real-time information; the information provided by traditional plug-ins and gadgets is more clear. Haveson went on to explain that each design decision takes into account its impact on performance and battery life. Microsoft said that users will not worry about the performance being affected by installing too many favorite applications. After Microsoft opens the Windows Store we will witness the real beauty of Windows 8 Metro applications their notifications and real-time tiles.?Windows 98 SE Simplified Chinese Second Edition-Computer Knowledge Network

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