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3 Tips for Windows 8 System Maintenance (Pictures and Texts)



1. Open Disk Cleanup there are two ways to open Disk Cleanup:

  1. Right click directly on the disk to be cleaned up Click and select properties. In the pop-up tab there is a pie chart showing the disk space. There should be Disk Cleanup in the lower right corner of this pie chart;

  2. Users please open the control panel click on 'Management Tools' there will be 'Disk Cleanup' (Note: If you can open Disk Cleanup by the first method you can't find it in the 'Management Tools' To Disk Cleanup).

Open Disk Cleanup and it will start scanning. After scanning the following dialog box will pop up:

Choose to clean up system files Then it will scan the surface again. After scanning find the 'previous Windows installation' in the area below and tick it then click OK.

2. Modify the disk (volume) size

Right-click on the lower left corner of the desktop and select Disk Management .

Right-click the volume you want to expand/compress (if there is no unallocated disk you cannot expand)

< br/>In this tab select the volume to be compressed and the compression size. After the compression is completed you can allocate it to another volume.

Note: Only adjacent quotas can be merged that is to say the quota between D drive and E drive can only be allocated to D drive or E drive And cannot be allocated to Disk F (assuming that the computer has Disk C D E F G\u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; in alphabetical order).

Three change the boot

Open the control panel click on the management tool and find 'System Configuration' in it. After opening you can modify the system in the pop-up tab Guide as shown below:

In addition to the 'Guide' tab 'General' and 'Service' are also very useful friends You can open it and take a look at that.?3 cold knowledge about laptops do you dare to understand computers after reading it? -Computer Knowledge Network

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