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15 practical win8 tips for playing the windows8 operating system



The number of downloads worldwide on the first day of the release of Windows 8 operation exceeded one million which shows everyone’s expectations for the windows 8 system because Windows 8 is relative to the previous Windows version There are all very big adjustments and there are bound to be some uncomfortable use. The following is a description of the use skills in Windows 8. I hope it will be helpful to those who are not very familiar with Windows 8.

1) Shut down windows 8

 This question sheet is a bit funny but don’t laugh some friends don’t know because it involves a lot of major improvements Windows 8 changed the start menu to the metro interface The shutdown button also disappeared. We can use the following methods to shut down: A. Alt+F4: shortcut key press Alt+F4 in the Windows interface to pop up the shutdown menu

B. Win+I: Open the settings select the power button to shut down sleep etc.

C. Create a shortcut on the desktop right-click on the desktop to create a shortcut shut down and enter shutdown.exe -s -t 00 To restart enter shutdown.exe -r -t 00 right-click the shortcut properties you can change the display icon

D. Add a shutdown button to the Metro interface and right-click after the shutdown shortcut is created on the desktop in the upper content Select pin to start screen to see it in Metro interface.

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2) Close the Metro application

A. Press Alt+F4 in the Metro program again. Close the program Alt+F4 is really the best artifact and many functions are used in this shortcut.

B. Move the mouse to the top of the interface and you can move the mouse to the top of the screen. When the mouse arrow becomes a small hand tap and drag it down to the bottom of the screen and then let go.

3) Multitasking switching

The switching of multitasking in Windows 8 is very convenient. Move the mouse to the upper left of the screen and the thumbnails of the preferred applications in the background will appear just click Switch you can also slide the mouse to display the thumbnail of the complete background program similar to using an Android smartphone.

4) Search everywhere

There is no doubt that the search in Windows 8 is more powerful you can search only by shortcut keys and you can directly enter the search in the Metro interface Content search

Win+Q: search application

Win+F: search file

Win+W: search settings

5 ) Charms sidebar

Windows8 introduced the Charms sidebar you can move the mouse to the lower right corner to pop up on the right or you can press the shortcut key Win+C to pop up it will display the date and time search share Settings and other menus are very convenient.

6) Quickly launch taskbar programs

Many applications of Windows 7 are used in Windows 8. For example the operations on the taskbar can still be used to fix the program After reaching the taskbar press Win + corresponding numeric key shortcut to quickly start. For example IE10 is the first one press Win+1 to start it

7) Change the taskbar folder to open the computer

The folder locked on the taskbar is opened by default. Many friends will not be used to it the same we can modify right-click the explorer properties in the taskbar folder replace the target column with %windir%explorer.exe you can without quotation marks including commas there is a space before the comma and then Just apply.

8) Adjust the size of the input box that comes with the input method

Right-click the input method in the lower right corner to open the input method input option modify the font size in the appearance in the appearance tab and confirm.

9) MetroIE opens desktop IE

This is caused by setting the default browser. Set IE as the default browser to restore the Metro interface IE opens to Metro version IE


10) Use the desktop version of IE to open MetroIE webpages

When browsing webpages in MetroIE if you want to open the current webpage (.PC841.COM) through the desktop browser click the tool button in the lower right corner You can choose to view it on the desktop.

11) Change the user avatar

After logging in with MicrosoftID the default avatar may be smaller and the display will be blurred. You can modify the large-resolution avatar in the Metro settings panel You can also modify the lock screen wallpaper and the color of the start screen (to change the avatar you can click to change the avatar at the upper right corner of the Metro interface to enter)

12) Remove useless buttons on the start screen

After installing the program there will be many unnecessary shortcuts on the start screen (in fact we only want to leave a program). Other useless shortcuts can be selected by right-clicking in batches and then clicking on the bottom left to unpin from the start screen to delete (You can still find the deleted shortcuts in all programs)

13) MSE in Windows8

After installing Windows 8 you can’t install MSE again. This It is because Windows 8 already comes with Windows Defender including MSE function so there is no need to install it again of course you can also install other anti-virus software to enhance protection there is no conflict.

14) Start screen grouping

You can also name each group in the start screen the operation method is very simple click minimize at the magnifying glass at the bottom right of the start screen and then right-click any group Just click Change name and you can see it on the start screen after successful modification.

15) Robbin in Explorer

The Explorer menu interface in Windows 8 has been changed to Robbin interface. We have also seen it in Office before. You can hide or Display double-click the tab name to hide it and display more content (pop up when you click with the mouse).

 There are still many application skills for windows 8. However due to space and time the above will introduce these 15 win8 skills for everyone. It is very good for those who use windows 8 for the first time. It is helpful. If you haven't installed the windows8 system yet maybe you need to install it later I suggest you bookmark this article first.

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