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You don’t have to worry about searching massive PDF documents in Win7



PDF documents should be the most common file format. Many e-books product descriptions and company manuscripts have begun to use PDF documents so everyone must also be in their computers. Save a large number of PDF documents. In this way it is very troublesome to find out which document an article that only remembers the general content is in. You can only open all the PDF documents separately and browse them page by page to find them. The efficiency is undoubtedly very low. In fact for the Win7 system we only need to install the Foxit PDF IFilter plug-in for the computer and we can easily search for PDF documents based on the file content. Step 1: Determine the search scope. First download the Foxit PDF IFilter plug-in then double-click the downloaded MSI format installation package follow the prompts to complete the installation of the plug-in; then open the Win7 control panel and browse the control panel in the form of large icons For all items double-click the index option item in the run control panel to open a dialog box with the same name; then click the modify button to open the index location dialog box; finally only check the disk partitions related to the location of the PDF document (such as Only check F drive) and click the OK button. Step 2: Create an index Click the Advanced button to open the File Type tab of the Advanced Options dialog box; then check the PDF check box and add the index radio box at the bottom for properties and file content; finally click the OK button The system can start to create an index on the F disk. Friendly reminder: Because the system takes too long to index all disk partitions it is recommended that you save all the PDF documents you collect or make in the same partition (F drive in this example) and then check and The corresponding F disk check box; this will not only shorten the indexing time but also can quickly search for the PDF documents you need due to the reduced search range when performing search operations. After the above steps when we open the root directory of the F drive and perform a search operation with a certain keyword (such as Grub4Dos) in the search box of the Windows window we will soon be able to search for PDF documents that meet the search criteria. .

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