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XP system connected to win7 system printer prompts that the provided credentials



are insufficient When the printer is not connected it displays 'Insufficient credentials provided' what should I do? Let's take a look at the solution to this problem with the editor of Script Home.


1. First Ensure that printer sharing is enabled in win7. Win7 sharing is relatively simple 'in the Network and Sharing Center' open the sharing settings. Our focus is how the XP system connects and shares.

2 share after setting up (the premise is to enable GUEST on the WIN7 computer Account) when accessing the win7 printer on the XP system computer when the printer is connected it prompts 'The provided credentials are insufficient and the printer cannot be accessed. Do you want to specify a new credential? \u0026rdquo;. Do not connect directly at this time.

3. We remember the computer name or IP address of the computer sharing the printer. Note: The computer name is best because if the IP address is dynamic the next time you restart the computer it will fail to connect.

4. On the XP system computer open \u0026ldquo;Printer and Fax\u0026rdquo;--\u0026gt;Add Printer--\u0026gt;Local Printer (Cancel automatic detection)-->Use the following port (default is OK)-->Install the printer driver (driver under XP system)--->Complete.


5. Open the properties of the newly added printer--\u0026gt;Port--\u0026gt;Create a new port--\u0026gt;Select Local Port--\u0026gt ; New port. The new port name is: shared printer name (\\\\computer name\\shared printer name). Then configure the printer's port as the newly created port. Then XP can connect to the WIN7 shared printer.

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The above is the XP system connected to the win7 printer and the solution to the 'not enough credentials provided' will be introduced here. If you are using it A similar situation was encountered during the winxp system so hurry up and try the editor's method.

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