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WinRAR 5.70 beta2 Simplified Chinese version is released to fix the vulnerability and no longer support



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Important note: Due to a major vulnerability in the ACE module WinRAR no longer supports ACE format compressed files from 5.70 beta 1. WinRAR also rarely released the beta version of simplified Chinese for the first time WinRAR 5.70 Beta2 is also the first simplified Chinese version of WinRAR after blocking this vulnerability.

\u0026shy;  Official website download (even if authorized there will be advertising pop-ups):

\u0026shy;  32bit: s://

\u0026shy;  64 bit: s://

\u0026shy;  WinRAR-the latest version update

\u0026shy;  Version 5.70 beta 2

\u0026shy;  1. The \u0026ldquo;find\u0026rdquo; command and the \u0026ldquo;disk and folder\u0026rdquo; drop-down list have been renamed to \u0026ldquo;search area\u0026rdquo;.

\u0026shy;  In addition to the existing options it also includes a new 'selected item' option limited to

\u0026shy;  WinRAR file list to select Search for files and folders.

\u0026shy;  2. \u0026ldquo;Find\u0026rdquo; The command displays the number of items found in the status bar.

\u0026shy;  3. Switching -ta -tb -tn -to now allows any number of modifier parameters in the same parameter

is all specified time settings The same date. For example -tamc20190215 will process files modified and created after

\u0026shy;  2019-02-15.

\u0026shy;  The new 'o' modifier allows switching from AND to OR logic so -tamco20190215

includes files modified or created after 2019-02-15. It also allows to specify multiple time filter parameters with different dates in the same command line

for example:

\u0026shy;  -taco20190201 -tbmo20190210

\u0026shy;  -ta and -tn parameters also include files that exactly match the specified date. The -tb and -to parameters

do not include these files.

\u0026shy;  4. The \u0026ldquo;Diagnostic Message\u0026rdquo; window displays the archive name in a separate column to provide better message visibility for lengthy archive names

\u0026shy;  .

\u0026shy;  5. The -isnd[-] parameter in WinRAR command line mode allows to override the

\u0026shy;  \u0026ldquo;enable sound\u0026rdquo; option in WinRAR settings. Use -isnd to turn on the sound notification use -isnd- to turn it off

\u0026shy;  .

\u0026shy;  6. Bug fix:

\u0026shy;  a) It has been fixed to disable \u0026ldquo;compressed\u0026rdquo; file list column will also affect the \u0026ldquo;type\u0026rdquo; column in the archive And

leave it blank;

\u0026shy;  b) has been fixed if the wrong global password is set without name encryption from


When extracting encrypted files from the RAR archive WinRAR will indefinitely send out 'The specified password is incorrect'

\u0026shy;  The problem with this message;

\u0026shy;  c) The problem that the \u0026ldquo;file list/file/specific size\u0026rdquo;option in WinRAR settings is in the archive

has been fixed.

\u0026shy;  Version 5.70 beta 1

\u0026shy;  \u0026hellip;\u0026hellip;

\u0026shy;  21. Nadav Grossman from Check Point Software Technologies

introduced us to the security vulnerabilities in the UNACEV2.DLL library. The above-mentioned vulnerabilities can create files in any folder inside or outside the target folder when decompressing the ACE archive.

\u0026shy;  WinRAR uses this third-party library to decompress ACE files. UNACEV2.DLL has not been updated since 2005 and we cannot access its source code. Therefore we decided to abandon the ACE archive format support to protect the security of WinRAR users.

We thank Check Point Software Technologies for reporting the above issues.

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