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WinPE one click cracking win7 XP account login password tutorial



WinPE full name Windows PreInstallation Environment (Windows PE) Windows preinstallation environment is the smallest Win32 subsystem with limited services based on Windows XP Professional running in protected mode Kernel. It includes the minimum functions required to run Windows installers and scripts connect to network shares automate basic processes and perform hardware verification. The Win7 account password was indestructible in those years (09 and 10 years). I had forgotten the login password of Win7 before and could only reinstall the Win7 system. Now in WinPE you can clear the original Win7 account password with just one small tool. Even Windows7 passwords can be cleared and XP system account passwords with a history of 10 years can be cleared of course!

Enter WinPE

After installing the universal PE toolbox on the U disk restart the computer Enter WinPE in the U disk click on the shortcut of 'Windows user password modification' and then click 'NEXT' according to the prompts '\u0026hellip;' The Win7 user account password will disappear in an instant!

Automatic search mode

Search the Win7 account file on the system disk

Select to clear Account

The first step click 'Save' remember to check 'Clear This User's Password' as to why it is Save instead of 'Sure' or 'Next' this has to be asked in English A better friend the author has very weak grasp of English.

The second step ask you Are you Sure\u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; of course it is save

Cleaning up the password is complete

For users who often forget their Windows login passwords or who do not know who changes their passwords is this one-click cleaning up of Windows account passwords practical? In WinPE there are even more amazing functions waiting for you to discover!

?What should I do if the xp input method is missing? The desktop input method is missing.

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