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Win9: Will Win8 return to Win7?



Windows 8 has undergone a series of huge changes and has become the most controversial operating system in Microsoft’s history. The user's negative comments were not relieved until the launch of Windows 8.1. In 2014 rumors about the next-generation operating system Windows 9 have intensified. Analysts believe that Microsoft is likely to announce Windows 9 this spring but there will be no specific form. But no matter what the outside world's expectations for Microsoft's new system are huge. Windows 9 will also be a major opportunity and decision point for Microsoft which will herald the direction of the entire product line-whether to carry out the dual interface system to the end or Back to the classic style of Windows7.

Problems encountered by Windows 8

If Windows 8 has encountered a huge challenge then the challenge actually comes from itself. In fact from a sales perspective Windows8 has never encountered real problems. A large number of new PCs are also pre-installed with new systems as always. After all in the field of desktop systems Windows is still the industry’s first .

Of course many users are accepting the new features brought by Win8 and touch-sensitive PCs. At the same time the new interface effects a large number of gesture operations and the lack of a start menu/button these disruptive changes make many users feel Unwell. Even though the new Metro interface is relatively friendly and intuitive but forcibly adding another 'mobile' interface to the desktop system using two different apps Microsoft is different from Apple and Google's integrated concept how much Windows 8 is a bit nondescript.

Therefore while major manufacturers are struggling to promote this new product concept of \u0026ldquo;tablet/PC combo\u0026rdquo; many users are still using Windows 7 or are forced to buy a new PC. But instead of using the Metro part of Windows 8 choose iPad or Android tablet as the mobile tool.

Where will Windows 9 go?

Microsoft released the Win8.1 update last year which improved some of the problems of Windows 8 such as the re-added start button (although the function is different from before) The customized form of Metro interface has been enhanced and nearly 25 million units have been upgraded in the consumer market but in essence Windows 8.1 is still a solid advocate of Metro interface.

So the next question Microsoft needs to face is whether to abandon the Metro interface in Windows 9 and return to the classic or continue to adhere to the dual interface form. The current information about Windows 9 is still at Leley Cinema [] in the rumored stage possible changes include Metro application integration To the traditional desktop the return of the start menu etc. although these elements should be recognized by users for Microsoft itself this is a terrible regression.

As mentioned earlier the Metro interface is not just a simple gimmick but a representative of the mobility of Microsoft’s products which also gave birth to a series of hardware products such as iPad and Androidtablets. Competition. If Windows 9 adopts the form of version refinement that is launching a non-Metro version for the commercial office sector the impact on the Windows application store will be huge. Obviously Microsoft is at the dual crossroads of word-of-mouth and its own breakthrough. It is still very much anticipated in what way Win9 will respond.

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