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Win8 Win8.1 dumbfounded HP's Win7 computers are big promotion



Microsoft is trying to convince users to buy Win8.1 computers but HP wants to attract users who plan to stick to Win7 systems. The HP homepage currently focuses on the sales of Windows7 computers and uses the term 'back by popular demand' (back by popular demand).

The HP website publicly sells Win7 which has only been on sale for more than a year according to Win8 which may imply that HP believes that the old Win7 system is better than the latest system of Windows 8.1.

As of now HP seems to be the only OEM to carry out Win7 computer promotions. Other companies like Dell Lenovo and Acer also sell computers with Win7 preinstalled but this information is generally hidden and is mainly aimed at corporate users but HP's promotions are aimed at home and home office users.

A few weeks ago Microsoft confirmed that although Win7 retail was terminated on October 30 last year it did not give a time when the sales of computers pre-installed with Win7 ceased.

Source of this article: Home of Win8-'HP publicly promotes Win7 computers Win8/Win8.1 should be anxious'

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