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Win8 system use the compatibility mode to install win7 driver method Mode to ins



tall the four-character screen name [] to install the win7 driver which can make us unusable under the win8 systemThe driver is normally installed and used let’s introduce in detail how to install win7 under win8 system!

  How to install win7 driver under win8 system

  1. First get the driver for For Win7 the bit version must be correct 64-bit and 32-bit are different;

  2 then find the main installer usually Setup.exe we right-click to open it Program properties under the compatibility tab check Run in compatibility mode select Win7 then confirm and double-click to run the driver installation.

  3. Sometimes we can also use the method of forced installation Win key + R combination key to open the run box and then enter the path of the driver installation file in the run box in the back Add -UP command and press Enter to force the installation

  PS: Although sometimes the forced installation can be successful there will be signs of instability. Of course this is a dead horse. .

Through the above method we can use the compatibility mode to install the driver under the win7 system under the win8 system but this method intelligently allows us to temporarily solve the problem. If you want to use it for a long time the editor recommends that the user replace it.< u>Operating System!

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