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Win8 or win7 which is easy to use



  Which is easy to use between win8 and win7:

  Windows7-32-bit: Win7-32-bit system to the computer configuration Requirements: CPU single-core Pentium 4 or higher is fine but the best is a dual-core or higher CPU (as long as the dual-core is sufficient) and at least 2GB or more of memory. Although the system supports AHCIhard disk mode and supports Direct10 or Direct11 this system only supports up to 3.25GB of memory. Obviously installing this system will not be able to play the best performance of a computer with 4GB or more than 4GB of memory. .

  {If the computer has a CPU Pentium 4 or higher memory: between 1GB-3GB it is recommended to choose Windows7-32 bit}

  Which is better between win8 and win7 Use Figure 1

  Windows7-64 bit: Win7-64 bit system requirements for computer configuration: need a dual-core or higher CPU (as long as it meets dual-core) and at least 4GB or more than 4GB of memory. This system is the best and most mainstream system in the current Windows system. It has good compatibility with games. There are compatibility options in the 'Properties' column which can be set to be backward compatible with a variety of low-level The system and supports the running of virtual DOS programs can virtually run games in the DOS era which greatly improves the compatibility of this system; perfectly supports 4GB and above memory and can support up to 128GB of memory; supports AHCI hard disk mode; Support Direct10 and up to the latest Direct11; and currently most mainstream software and hardware manufacturers support this system and mainly develop corresponding software for this system. Win7 is even hailed as the next WinXP-style legend.

  {Super recommendation: If your computer configuration meets the requirements of dual-core or higher CPU (as long as it meets dual-core) and at least 4GB or more of memory it is strongly recommended that the host Optional Win7-64-bit flagship version of the system!)

  Which is better between win8 and win7 Figure 2

  Windows 8-32-bit and Windows 8- 64-bit Win8 is a system that Microsoft prefers to design for tablet computers and touch screen devices: its requirements for computer configuration are basically the same as win732-bit and 64-bit or even slightly lower The configuration required by the Win7 system. However the reputation of this system at the beginning of the market was not high and some even predicted that it would be the next Vista. As a new system it is not yet supported by most software and hardware manufacturers. The entire system is still in the stage of perfection and is still immature. Personally it is not easy to use.

  {It is recommended to postpone the installation and use Win8 system if you have to install it it is better to install Win-8.1 system directly!}

Windows 8.1-32 bit Windows 8.1-64 bit Windows 8.1 After Microsoft launched Windows 8 in October 2012 Microsoft started to develop an update package for Windows 8 which is an improved version of Win8. The computer configuration requirements are basically the same as Win8-32-bit and 64-bit. In the project code-named \u0026ldquo;Blue\u0026rdquo; Microsoft will realize the standardization of operating system upgrades in order to provide users with more regular upgrades. Windows 8.1 has a link between the previous and the next paving the way for the future of Windows 9. In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has released several important updates that are different from Windows 8. Microsoft officially released the Windows 8.1 preview version on June 272013 Beijing time. On September 11 Windows 8.1 RTM/VS is available for download on MSDN/TechNet subscriptions. At the same time Microsoft announced that MSDN and TechNet subscribers are already available Download Windows 8.1 RTM version there is also Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM version at the same time developers can also download Visual Studio 2013 RC version. I have installed Win8.1-64 bit and I feel that the performance is acceptable much better than Win8 but the disadvantage is that the software compatibility is still poor.

?Win8 two safe modes to switch graphics to each other

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