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Win8 dual system tutorial: Win7 and Win8 dual system installation



On August 15th Microsoft officially released a Win8 version Windows8 enterprise evaluation version that can be used for 90 days free for global users (please allow the author to call it abbreviation It is the free version of Win8 which is different from the previous trial version and the enterprise version is closer to the official version). This Win8 free version does not require any installation key it can be automatically activated on the Internet and has all the functions of the Win8 Enterprise Edition. Apart from the small regret that it can only be used for 90 days it is the most valuable Win8 version. In order to let more netizens experience the latest Win8 for the first time the editor will introduce the most advanced and simple Win7 and Win8 dual system installation method at present which allows you to format the C drive or even harm the existing Win7. In the case of the system you can install a live Win8 system. It does not have any impact on the existing Win7 system which is the most awesome part of this Win7 and Win8 dual system installation method!

If you want to use other methods to install dual systems please read: How to install dual systems under win7 to install win8 dual systems tutorial

Windows7 operating system interface

Win7 Win8 dual system installation Tutorial

I believe that many netizens start to spray when they see the title I yuck who doesn't understand Win7 and Win8 dual system installation I will just blow it hard. Well the title may be a bit ambiguous. In fact this should be the Win7 and Win8 dual system installation method that 99.9% of netizens don't know or have heard of.

Windows8 operating system

The principle of the Win7 and Win8 dual system installation tutorial introduced by the editor is very simple. It is to install Win8 into the VHD virtual hard disk on the basis of Win7. This method is actually called VHD. Install Win8 method. This Win7 and Win8 dual system installation tutorial friends who often follow PConline should have known it because only the editor will recommend this simplest dual system installation method in history.

Step 1: Download the free version of Win8 and create a Win8 VHD

For those who want to experience testing Win8 there are 3 months During the trial time basically all the functions of Win8 can be played N times. Therefore it is undoubtedly the best choice to test Win8 with the free version of Win8 provided by Microsoft for everyone to try.

A warm reminder the article style of the editor is long and long-winded to ensure foolproof detailed tutorial articles so if you have friends who think you understand these you can just look at the title.

Software name: Windows8 Enterprise Edition (official free official version)Software version: Simplified Chinese official versionSoftware size: 2.42G (32 bit) 3.32G (64 bit) Software authorization: 90-day free trial (automatic activation without key) Warm reminder: X86 is 32-bit X64 is 64-bitDownload address: Click here to download

To let netizens get rid of VHD installs the complicated command code required by Win8 method so Windows VHD auxiliary processing tool 2011 came into being. With this tool even if netizens don’t understand VHD at all they can easily install Win7 and Win8 dual system. Possible tasks. A digression just because I think it's impossible the challenge and success can have a sense of accomplishment.

Let’s yell first let the cheating command code go to hell I just want the simplest way.

VHD series software new version download: Windows VHD auxiliary processing toolsearch for download

Now everyone must Prepare two files for Win7 and Win8 dual system installation: one is the free version of Win8 image file and the other is the program file of Windows VHD Auxiliary Processing Tool 2011. After preparing these two magic weapons please follow the following graphic tutorials to slowly operate.

After downloading the Win8 free version ISO image file (Win8.iso for short) please decompress Win8.ISO with decompression tools such as compression and then find the file size larger than 2G in the Sources folder install.wim file (install.wim is the installation file of Win8).

Next open the Windows VHD Auxiliary Processing Tool 2011 and click Create VHD to load the location of the VHD’s WIM. Select Win8’s install.wim file and fill in the size of D:Win8_VHDWin8_V.VHDVHD in the VHD location. Fill in the 20 or 30G image number to select Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation.

Create a VHD (click on the picture to see a larger image the same below)

  The above paragraph is too wordy just look at the picture above. Xiaobai is best to set it against the picture above.

Parameter confirmation option is yes

If a window pops up asking you whether to format Click Cancel.

Ask if you want to format and click to cancel directly

Will Win8 It usually takes 5 minutes to install into the VHD

It usually takes 5 minutes to install Win8 into the VHD. If the time is less than 1 minute it basically means that the Win8 installation is unsuccessful ( One of the unsuccessful reasons may be that the downloaded Win8 image has a problem). The editor recommends that everyone watch the Win8 installation progress smoothly to 100%.

99% basically means no problem

  Wait for successful installation of Win8 mirror After arriving at the VHD virtual hard disk the next step is to click Mount/Unmount the VHD.

After the operation is complete click Mount/Uninstall VHD

Next make sure that the VHD The position is the D:Win8_VHDWin8_V.VHD just set click to add VHD item to BCD wait for the pop-up prompt window that the operation is completed it means success.

The operation is complete

Win7 and Win8 dual system installation tutorial is very simple in the editor It seems that there are two steps. The first step is to create a Win8 VHD and the second step is to replace the Bootmgr file in the root directory of the C drive with the Bootmgr file of Win8.

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?Win8 conference will be unveiled in Shanghai on October 23

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