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Win7's safe mode to repair system failures



Windows' safe mode is for troubleshooting and repairing after logging into this mode when the operating system is abnormal. In this mode the system will only start the underlying services and other applications Users can easily troubleshoot system problems.

Windows’ safe mode is for troubleshooting and repairing after logging in to this mode when the operating system is abnormal. In this mode the system only The underlying service will be started other applications will not be started and users can easily troubleshoot system problems. Windows 7 safe mode entry is similar to the operation of Windows XP. Press the F8 key before entering the Windows system startup screen when booting and then the system startup menu appears. Choose safe mode to log in to enter.

1. Delete stubborn files in Win7 safe mode

When deleting some files or clearing the recycle bin in Windows normal mode the system may prompt 'Files are being used and cannot be deleted' \u0026rdquo; if this happens we can delete it in safe mode. Because in safe mode Windows will automatically release control of these files.

2. System Restore in Win7 Safe Mode

If your computer can't boot up and can only enter safe mode then you can restore the system in safe mode. After entering safe mode click \u0026ldquo;Start\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;All Programs\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Accessories\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;System Tools\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;System Restore\u0026rdquo; open the System Restore Wizard and select \u0026ldquo ;Restore my computer to an earlier time' option click the 'Next' button click the date shown in bold on the calendar to select the system restore point click the 'Next' button to proceed to the system reduction.

3. Virus checking and killing in Win7 safe mode

Now the update speed of anti-virus software has not kept up with the pace of the virus. If you are not careful your computer will be infected by the virus. However there are many viruses that cannot be removed under Windows antivirus and antivirus software cannot run under DOS. At this time we can start the safe mode the Windows system will only load the necessary drivers so that the virus can be completely removed.

4. Unlock group policy in Win7 safe mode

In fact group policy restrictions in Windows are implemented by loading specific keys in the registry. This restriction is not loaded in safe mode. After restarting the computer press and hold the F8 key and in the open multiple boot menu window select 'Safe Mode with Command Prompt'. After entering the desktop enter 'C: WindowsSystem32XXX.exe (the program you started)' at the startup command prompt start the console and then follow the above operations to lift the restriction and finally restart the normal login system to unlock it.

Note: Many restrictions of Group Policy cannot take effect in safe mode. If you encounter restrictions that cannot be lifted you may wish to enter the next to find a solution.

5. Repair system failures in Win7 safe mode

If Windows is not stable or cannot start normally don’t reinstall it at this time System try to restart the computer and switch to safe mode to start and then restart the computer has the system returned to normal? If the system failure is caused by a problem with the registry this method is very effective because Windows can automatically repair the registry problem when it starts in safe mode. After Windows is successfully started in safe mode it can generally be in normal mode (Normal ) Is started.

6. Recover system settings in Win7 safe mode

If the user installs new software or changes some settings the system cannot start normally and it also needs to enter security If it is caused by installing new software please uninstall the software in safe mode. If you change some settings such as the display resolution setting beyond the display range of the monitor causing a black screen then enter the safe mode. You can change it back and put the screen saver with a password in the 'Startup' menu. After forgetting the password the computer cannot be operated normally. You can also enter the safe mode to change.

7. In Win7 safe mode malicious self-starting programs or services are found.

If there is something unclear on the computer For wonderful errors such as not being able to access the Internet and if you can’t find the problem according to the usual thinking you can start it in the safe mode with network connection. If you can get it here it means that some self-starting programs or services have affected the network. Normal connection.

8、Detect incompatible hardware in Win7 safe mode?Introduction to Win7's Safe Mode Repair System Failure Solution-Computer Knowledge Network

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