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Win7+win8 dual system boot menu repair method does not need to enter win7



This article is divided into two methods:
Method 1:
(Effect: repair dual system menu (win7 and win8 dual system ) enter win7 no longer need to restart normal menu style more concise and practical you can choose the operating system after booting.)
Considering the stability and compatibility of win8 I believe that many people should be installed like me Win7-win8 dual system but after you install it you will find that the boot menu will bring many problems. In order to better help you I am here to share with you the situation I encountered. This article is written to help more people avoid detours. The methods in the article are all tested by myself. This method is applicable to all products of win8 so far.

First let me talk about two possible scenarios:
A. Install win7 first then win8
B. Install win8 first then install win7
A situation then everyone will undoubtedly get the result of the Metro boot menu. This menu has two disadvantages:
Win8 is the default system after booting. If you choose win7 you will inevitably restart and enter win7
Once win8 crashes there is no system disk to boot even win7 can not enter
First let’s analyze the reasons for this situation As we all know win8 has introduced the function of quick start. The official statement is to store part of the information required for system startup in a file and call it directly after booting which will save a lot of time. But in fact correcting its essence is actually dormancy. So this is why the boot menu of Metro appears after the win8 icon is displayed rather than before because the default quick start is turned on then the boot will not be read directly after booting but will enter the system first. The boot menu is placed before win8 starts then it will be skipped directly.

After analyzing the reasons let’s talk about the solution: the method is to restore the metro menu to a normal menu that starts at boot. I personally use BCDautofix v1.23 (BCD) of course you can also Use win7's bootsect to repair. You can fix it under win8 but it turns out that if you use it under win8 there is a certain chance that a false shutdown will occur. The power indicator will not go off and you will be back to the login interface after you press the keyboard. The reason should be the essence of quick start. Caused. Therefore it is recommended that you advance win7 repair. After the automatic repair is completed you can run the msconfig command to enter the boot label of the system configuration to modify the default system and waiting time.

As for the display text of the operating system you can change it in the win7 optimization master. This requires the netframework3.5 environment and 3.5 is installed in my win8 Children who are not installed can run under win7 modify the display text of the operating system I modified windows8 and windows7 the display is concise the upper and lower order can be adjusted mine is to put windows8 on it.

This is basically done then enter win8 press win+X to run the command prompt with administrator privileges enter the command powercfg -h off or go to the control panel Manually turn off the quick start in the power options of the because only in this way is the real shutdown and the boot menu before the win8 icon will be displayed. Otherwise it will directly enter win8 without displaying the guide. In fact it’s okay to turn it off. It’s just about 10 seconds slower and the total time is about 30 seconds. It won’t have much impact but there is no need to restart Win7 and when needed go to the control panel to open or run powercfg. -h on is also fine.

The last effect picture:

In case B it is relatively easy to solve as long as win8 is set as the default startup item and then turned off like case A The win8 system can start quickly
Method 2:

Windows 8 introduces a brand-new system startup menu which many netizens know. Compared with the old version of the menu the new menu brings a lot of new ideas such as support for mouse operation built-in system recovery and one-key system detection and so on. However a headache is that if Win7 or other old systems are selected in the new menu the computer must be restarted first before entering which will make people feel very troublesome over time. So can we restore the new menu back to the familiar Win7 style?

Figure 1 Win8’s boot menu is not everyone’s favorite

This problem is not the first to be raised by the editor. Some netizens have tried to solve it before and it is The third-party software reinstalled Win7 again and it was a joy. In fact the easiest way is to enter Win7 right-click on the desktop \u0026ldquo;Computer\u0026rdquo;icon\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Advanced System Settings\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo;Startup and Recovery\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo; Set \u0026rdquo; use the function of the system to change the default operating system to Win7. After this restart the familiar Win7 menu will come back.

Figure 2 Set Win7 as the default operating system

Figure 3 Win7 boot menu after restoration

After the editor's actual test this technique will not affect the entry of Win8 or other systems. No matter which system it will start directly after clicking it and there will be no trouble of restarting before entering. And even if Windows 8 is restarted the boot menu will still be retained and there is no problem in the Internet article that it will return to the Win8 version of the boot menu. Of course the above settings will not modify the upper and lower positions of the menu items. If you are really unhappy you can adjust it yourself with the help of some BCD modifiers.?What should I do if a yellow exclamation mark is displayed in the device manager driver of win7? -Computer Knowledge Network

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