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WIN7+VMWARE+fedora18 samba server construction guide



  1. Configure root user password (not required)

  2. Install samba service


  yum install openssh-server

  3. Check if openssh-server has been successfully installed

  rpm -qa | grep openssh-server< /p>

  4. Configure samba service

  Find the Share Definition

  Add the directory to be shared:


Make sure that there is a task folder under the root directory and at least the access authority is 755 or higher. I used 777

  5 .Nima’s did not find the smbpasswd command


finally works

6. Again Make sure that vi has written the following and wq is saved:

  7. Because I use root to log in the user already exists so directly:

< center>

  8. Open service

In service management fedora16 has launched a new management program systemctl which can be found in the manual.

execute instructions :

  systemctl start smb.service

  systemctl start nmb.service

  9. Check service status

Test whether samba can be opened if there is no error prompt it can be opened.

  systemctl is-enabled smb.service nmb.service to check whether the two services have been opened successfully

10. Execute the following code to make the above Two services start automatically after booting

  systemctl enable smb.service nmb.service

  11. Turn off the firewall and set SELinux

and restart linux

  12. Access test

?Win7+win8 dual system boot menu repair method no need to re-enter win7

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