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Win7 XP dual system installation tutorial steps



Pre-installation instructions:
1. Install XP first then install Windows 7. It is best not to do the reverse otherwise XP will not give Windows 7 boot manager Overwriting it will be more troublesome. In short follow the \u0026ldquo;old version to new version\u0026rdquo; installation principle.
2. If the partition is not large enough please use the following software to adjust but be careful see:
Hard disk partition management tool Norton PartitionMagic (PQ8.0) V8.05 Build 1371 simplified Chinese version download
Windows XP
Recommended installation and use: Windows XP pro with sp3 VOL Microsoft Original Edition (Simplified Chinese) + Genuine Key
Windows 7
Windows 7 English Ultimate Edition + Simplified Chinese Language Pack (MSDN Original)
Windows 7 Simplified Chinese Ultimate + Activation Tool
Detailed instructions for installing Windows 7 on hard disk under XP:
1. XP is installed on C drive and Windows 7 is installed on non-C drive for example : Disk E which must be a blank disk in NTFS format (if some data is not completely erased please format it quickly before installation to avoid errors in the installation process) the size is above 16G 20G is recommended.
2. Put the downloaded image on the non-Windows 7 installation disk unzip it directly with WinRAR and get a folder double-click to run the setup inside click \\\u0026rdquo;Next\\\u0026rdquo; and then do as prompted The installation process will restart several times the entire installation process is about 20 minutes the installation time for different configurations will vary. (Special reminder: Don’t choose to upgrade during the installation process 'Select from definition' and then select the disk where you have prepared Windows 7 to install in advance for example: Disk E. In addition do not fill in the activation code first just click \\\u0026rdquo ;Next\\\u0026rdquo; after installation is complete use \\\u0026rdquo;activation tool\\\u0026rdquo; to activate.)
3. After installation restart you will see two selection menus the first is Earlier Version of Windows
is the early operating system Windows XP; the second is Windows 7 and the default entry into the system is Windows 7 and the waiting time is 30 seconds. At this point a perfect dual system has been produced.
A. If you want to replace and reinstall Windows 7 please uninstall the old version first: Under XP system right-click the disk where Windows 7 is located 'Quick Format/NTFS Format' and then click The above steps are installed. If you want to completely uninstall Windows 7 after quick formatting you also need to remove the startup item Windows 7 then you need to use the auxiliary software VistaBootPRO\\\u0026rdquo;.
B. Modify the startup sequence and startup wait time: For those who install XP first and then Windows 7 the system startup manager is automatically created and there are two system options. The default entry into the system is Windows 7 and the waiting time is 30 seconds. If you want to select the XP system press the down key to switch to XP within the waiting time and then press Enter. However some netizens like XP as the default system. At this time you need to modify it manually or use the auxiliary software VistaBootPRO.
Manual modification method: Under Windows 7 system right-click on 'Computer' 'Properties' click 'Advanced system settings' and then click 'Startup and fault recovery' under 'Settings' \u0026rdquo; find the \u0026ldquo;default operating system\u0026rdquo; click the down arrow select \u0026ldquo;Earlier Version of Windows\u0026rdquo; and then change the time you want after \u0026ldquo;display operating system list\u0026rdquo; for example: 5 seconds Finally click OK restart the computer to get the result you want.
?Win7/WinPE/XP multi-system independent startup setting method

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