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Win7 wireless network sharing setup example tutorial



There are two laptops at home with wireless network cards and now I want both laptops to be able to access the Internet but do not want to buy routers switches and other equipment what should I do? In fact it can be achieved by setting up wireless network sharing. Today Xiaozhu will teach you how to set up wireless network sharing under win7.

Enter the 'Network and Sharing Center' from the network connection logo in the lower right corner or the control panel. \u0026rdquo; in the left menu select \u0026ldquo;change adapter configuration\u0026rdquo;

find the connected local connection then right-click the menu bar and select \u0026ldquo;properties\u0026rdquo;.

In the properties pop-up window find the 'Sharing' tab and check the 'Allow others to share internet connection'. It should be noted here that if there is only one network the sharing tab does not exist so temporarily enable the wireless network during setup to ensure smooth sharing.

Then go back to \u0026ldquo;Change Adapter Settings\u0026rdquo; find \u0026ldquo;Wireless Network Connection\u0026rdquo; right-click the menu bar select \u0026ldquo;Properties\u0026rdquo;

In \u0026ldquo;Network\u0026rdquo; Under the tab find \u0026ldquo;TCP/IPV4\u0026rdquo; click Properties.

Then under the properties window of the pop-up window change the ip: ip: Subnet mask: Default gateway: Preferred DNS server: spare and click determine.

The above operations are all performed on the host. This step is to set the IP for the extension. The steps are the same as steps 5 and 6 but the IP is different. The extension also changes the ipv4 in the properties of the wireless network card. The difference from the host is that the IP should be 192.168.0.X (X can be any number from 0 to 255 except 1) and the other numerical settings are consistent with the host.

After the above settings are completed all are confirmed and then the extension wireless Internet access can be performed. Of course the host's IP address is the IP address you set in step 6. However if you cannot connect at this time it may be that the ICS service has not been opened. Please refer to the steps in the next column.

Settings for ICS service startup

On the desktop right-click on \u0026ldquo;Computer\u0026rdquo; and select \u0026ldquo;Management\u0026rdquo;

in the drop-down menu box.

In the \u0026ldquo;Computer Management\u0026rdquo; window In the left menu select 'Services and Applications' under 'Services' and then find InternetConnectionSharing(ICS) in the service list in the middle.

Right click on the selected ICS service and select in the menu bar 'Properties'

In the 'General' tab of the properties window select the startup type as 'Automatic' and click 'Start'

If prompted Unable to start indicates that some services that are dependent on ICS have not been started click on the 'Dependency' tab in the properties and find these 4 services in the service management list in turn set them to the automatic start type as before and click 'Start' try to start the service. If the service cannot be opened continue to search for the 'dependency' service of the service. The ICS service can only be opened until all 4 services that are dependent on ICS are enabled.

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