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Win7 system prompts sgsetc.exe application error how to solve



win7 system prompts sgsetc.exe application error how to solve? The win7 system has been the most popular computer operating system since its listing but in fact the win7 system still has many small problems. Recently users report that their computers keep prompting the sgsetc.exe application program to be wrong. What is going on? Let me share with you the solution to the sgsetc.exe application error in win7 system.


1. First press the shortcut key 'Win + R' on the desktop to open the running window enter 'services.msc' and click OK Open the service;

2. After that the 'Services' window will pop up find the 'Interactive Services Detection' service in the service list and then double-click it to open;

3. After opening the properties of the service click 'Stop' and click OK then open the properties window again click 'Start' and click OK.

The above is the solution to the win7 system sgsetc.exe application error. If users encounter the same problem in use they can solve it according to the above steps. Hope this article The tutorial can help everyone.

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