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Win7 system prompts runtime error how to solve runtime error



In the computer operating system it is inevitable to encounter some error problems and recently a user said that his Win7 system always prompts runtime error So how to solve the Win7 system prompt runtime error? Let's share the solution to the computer prompt runtime error.

Win7 system prompts a solution to runtime error

1. Click the 'Start Menu' icon at the lower left corner of the desktop and then click 'All Programs' as shown in the figure below Indication:

2 then click \u0026ldquo;Attachment\u0026rdquo; click on the \u0026ldquo;Run\u0026rdquo; option in the attachment as shown below As shown:

3. In the open running window (we can also use the keyboard shortcut key combination \u0026ldquo;Win+R\u0026rdquo; Call out to run) enter the 'regedit' command in the run input box and then click 'OK' so that we can open the registry as shown below:

4. After opening the registry click \u0026ldquo;Edit\u0026rdquo; on the registry toolbar and then click \u0026ldquo;Find\u0026rdquo; as shown below:

5. Enter \u0026ldquo;runtime\u0026rdquo; in the open search window check all the check boxes below and find the Just delete it as shown below:

The above is the solution to the shared Win7 system prompting runtime error if you also If you encounter the same problem you may wish to solve it through the above methods.

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