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Win7 system prompts non genuine. How to activate win7 system prompts non genuine



Today I turned on the computer and found that the win7 desktop turned black and a prompt appeared in the lower right corner of the desktop: 'Windows7 internal version 7600 This copy of Windows is not Genuine\u0026rdquo;how to operate at this time?

The first option is to install the original Windows 7 operating system.

The second is to install win7 system from CD or U disk.

The third is to use win7 to activate the software.

Use win7 activation tool to activate specific steps

1. Right-click on 'Computer' on the desktop and select 'Manage' in the right-click menu column as shown in the figure 2 shows:

2. In the computer management interface that appears select \u0026ldquo;Services and Applications\u0026rdquo;\u0026rarr;\u0026ldquo; Service\u0026rdquo; as shown in Figure 3:

3. Find \u0026ldquo;Security Center\u0026rdquo; in the middle column select \u0026ldquo;Re Start this service\u0026rdquo; as shown in Figure 4:

4. After the service restart is complete manually restart the system.

5. After the restart is complete open the win7 activation tool

6. Select \u0026ldquo in the interface that appears ;Start to experience the genuine version

7. After the activation is completed a restart prompt appears select 'OK'.

8. After the computer restarts enter the win 7 interface and you can see that the activation is successful.

[Reminder] In this case it is not easy to activate win7. Not all activation tools can be activated successfully. If the activation of win7 fails you can choose more win7 flagship versions. Activation kit. I hope the above Win7 tutorial is helpful to everyone.
The above is the whole content of the activation method when the win7 system prompts non-genuine. If you also encounter problems related to win7 activation you can refer to the above methods to solve the problem. Please pay attention to more exciting tutorials.

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