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Win7 system patch should be applied



Win7 system patch should be applied or not first of all we must understand one thing in the life cycle of a windosws system the patch can not be applied so Microsoft every month There are update patches. The main purpose of the regular update version of the editor every month is to allow everyone to download to the system that integrates the latest patches (of course there are some optimization adjustments and repairs and individual software updates);

However many people on the Internet say that patching will affect the speed of the system and that patching is useless. First of all it is an irresponsible statement that patches are useless. Patches are the painstaking effort of system developers. Of course there are important patches and non-critical patches anti-piracy patches and the statement that patching affects speed is not entirely correct. As long as the performance of your computer is not very bad it is acceptable. After all the hardware upgrade speed is also very Fast or you can choose some useful patches (many third-party patching tools also filter in this way).

Note: Patches are not as many as possible. Incompatible patches may cause computer blue screen!

Patching is divided into four steps的:

Used offline patching.

(1) Use the offline patch package once and back up the system once;

(2) Finish the online patching and extract the missing patches;

(3) Restore the first backup and manually apply the missing patches for the second time;

(4) Reinforce the patched system to reduce the impact of patching on system speed and occupation Excessive disk space; there is a saying that is good: better works need to spend more time to create\u0026hellip;\u0026hellip; in order to reduce the user’s every minute the author needs to pay 10 minutes more time. (Repost to tell more friends who are struggling to fight or not)

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